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About the project
LOCKLINEMies is a short documentary that shows the world of a young female with a dissociative disorder.


MIES is a short observing documentary in which the experience of Mies, a young female with a DD (dissociative disorder), is recorded through the eye without a soul, the camera.

A documentary made on intuition. Afterwards you realize that you took an inside view on the world of someone with DD. It makes clear how it must be to live alone with your own thoughts, but with many more thoughts than one. How does it look, the world of someone with mind illness? What do you do, when the voices that are wandering in your head are your reality?

In this documentary you see, observing and close to the skin, the answer to these questions.


As a documentarymaker I am trying to bring social, personal and individual story’s of people that aren’t seen in this society under the attention of others. This documentary has the next three targets for me:

Social target

To convert mental illnesses in pictures and to show understanding for the persons who experience these mental illnesses. To be unseen ill is a subject that may be told. A subject where people pass by too fast nowadays.

For Mies

As a friend and documentarymaker I want to show Mies how strong and beautiful she is and that she is seen in this society.


As documentarymaker and good friend I think it is important to do everything to understand Mies. By making this movie, I am able to do this better and better, the camera connects us.

I will do my utmost to make something precious of this movie.


What do we intend to collect exactly? To make this documentary we need € 7000,- .

Perhaps you ask yourself, where is this money going? The money goes to a good camera, soundsystem and post production. To take care that the sound is always good and the pictures are beautiful. It must be a camera that won’t be to big and heavy, Mirthe has to carry it for days and days without ruining her back.

The other costs are for transport, taking care of locations and other things. We try to collect € 5000,- through CineCrowd and besides that through organisations and foundations.

The more we collect, the more we can go to nicer locations: For instance, when we collect a total of  € 6500,- through CineCrowd (€ 1000,- above the amount) we will be able to realise a scene in the swimmingpool. So even when this page is founded for 100%, the rest of the money wil take care of a more beautiful documentary!


When is the documentary finished?

The documentary itself will be finished in june 2019 and will be shown for the first time at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht during the graduate exposition.

The documentary will also go into première when it is totally finished. You can now donate and you will receive a ticket! Subscribe through the website to donate. or subscribe through the newsletter to get all updates!

What can I do to support this documentary?

Many ways are possible to support this nice project. From the fourth of February 2019 till the fifth of March 2019 we are being busy with crowdfunding for this documentary. You will automatically receive a link when you subscribe for updates. On the CineCrowd page you can read in what way you can contribute financially. 

An other way to support is: Spread the word! Tell everyone about the project and what it will be like. Share the website, or CineCrowd link on social media and send it to friends,  family, acqaintances and everyone who has to hear it!


Like I said earlier, you can also find us on social media!

Take a look at the website of the film: www.miesdefilm.nl & like the facebook page!

Quote that inspired the maker

The camera is the eye without the soul, honest and raw.
This project was successfully funded on 06-03-2019

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