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LOCKLINEA seventeen-year-old boy experiences an emotional journey through his suppressed feelings after the loss of his mother.


Maskerade tells the story of seventeen-year-old Sam, who suppresses his emotions after the death of his mother. He lives with his father, who since then is no longer able to feel and has shut himself off from the world around him. One day Sam meets the beautiful Liv and falls in love. This creates a new bright spot in his life, but also awakens his dark sides. In a huge nature reserve where time does not seem to exist, Sam wanders around lonely; looking for the strength to confront his father and to deal with the loss of his mother.



The film is about the transition of a depressed boy in a man who has to stand up for himself during a dark period in his life. It is about losing a loved one, suppressing emotions during a mourning process and how love can provide the strength to defeat the monster at the end of this surreal journey.



Because I grew up with a single father, I have missed one of the most important qualities that a mother can teach you: sharing your feelings. She was there for me, but in a different place that often made her unreachable. Although I have experienced my youth as pleasant, it also had some dark sides. Because of my introvert character, I usually kept problems and issues to myself. This oppression caused both mental and physical tensions. This mask started to wear at a later age. By living my own life and chasing my dreams, I finally started to express myself more often.

Why do we suppress our feelings? What does growing up with a single father do with a child? What effect does the lack of a mother have? With these questions in my head I started to explore the feelings and thoughts from my youth, which I magnified through the eyes of main character Sam.

A feeling that is not expressed grows and slowly becomes more powerful until the oppression becomes too large and eventually explodes. You could link the suppression of emotions to explaining why people perform crimes. That is why we hope to inspire people to share their stories. Not to keep their feelings to themselves. Ultimately, communication and expressing emotions are the answer to many problems that we as humans can experience.



The audience is taken into an emotional and surreal journey through the experience of Sam, in which the suggestiveness of the unspoken word and space for imagination are important elements. The story is told through a fragmentary narrative structure, in which dream and reality come together. The film is set within a self-contained arena; a deserted world that shows comparisons with an era in which digitalization hardly had a role and there were no possibilities to escape from reality.



Unfortunately, not everything is free. Making a movie costs a lot of money. For example: renting equipment, catering and transport costs. We can not afford this without your help. We have a number of small gifts in return. That is why we wish for your support in making the short film Maskerade!

Quote that inspired the maker

"All the movies are about strange worlds that you can't go into unless you build them and film them."
David Lynch