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LOCKLINEThe short horrorfilm 'Malum' is about a young boy who's being tormented by an unknown figure at night.


The short horror 'Malum' is about a boy who is being tormented at night by an unknown figure. The boy has to conquer his fears to get rid of this figure for once and for all. We are now in the pre-production phase. We believe this project has even more potential than Dying Light. 

To realize our ideas, we need money. We need money to rent the camera, lenses and light. But we also need money for our cast and crew, location and props. With a budget of 3500 euro, we are sure we can make an amazing short horror that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Become a part of this movie and help us realizing this thrilling about my childhood trauma. 

My name is Jim. I was 11 years old when I first came in contact with Sleep Paralysis. This phenomenon means your body is asleep, but you brain is still awake. It is possible you see things that are not really there. A lot of people see the same shadow hanging over their beds. Because their body is asleep, they can't do anything but watch. This happened to me as well.

These nightly visits had a big impact on my youth. I slept very bad, constantly seeing this shadow in my bedroom. The figure started to talk to me. I had to kept my mouth shut about him, and even worse: he threatened my family. I did everything to stay awake, so i could control the situation. 

After twelve years, I have conquered my sleep paralysis. I have never seen this figure again. Horror is now one of my favorite genres, and it is a great way to process fear or fantasy. That's exactly what I am going to do. We have written a script, based on my encounters with this figure. We want to make a short horror movie about this subject.

Dying Light

About a year ago, we made our first horrorfilm 'Dying Light'. It was a project for school, but we had success with this short horror. With a budget of only 600 euros, we made a great movie. We have been to numerous filmfestivals, and won multiple prizes and awards. This was so much fun, we want to expand the horror-universe we created with our newest short horror movie: Malum. 

Click on the image to see Dying Light, our first horror. 

We hope to see you at our première. 

Jim & Bren

Quote that inspired the maker

The most frightening monsters are the ones that exists in our minds.