Love to Live

Love to Live
A Documentary by Theo Lexmond
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LOCKLINERoad movie by Margreet, a 42-year-old disabled woman, who joins forces with theatre maker Karin Bruers, in search of the essence of happiness.

Twenty years ago, Margreet Bos survived a terrible attack by Ethiopian bandits when she was on vacation. A hand grenade, which exploded in the cab of the pickup she was in, changed the life of a girl with a promising future. From one moment to the next, this honor student became severely disabled and is now confined to a wheelchair. All her dreams went up in smoke.

Yet this dramatic turn of events has not prevented her from living life to the fullest. She wrote a book about her life, which she christened "I love to live".

This documentary is a kind of a road movie, in which Karin Bruers, a Brabant comedian and social entrepreneur, and Margreet, join forces in search of the essence of happiness. Why do some people fall apart when the slightest thing happens, while others, who are faced with unthinkable suffering, continue to smile and go on with their lives? Karin and Margreet will visit people who have had other severe traumas: refugees who had to leave everything behind, an athlete who lost a leg, parents of severely disabled children, a cancer patient, or someone with ALS. How do these people keep their spirits up, and how do they manage to be happy every day? Is there such a thing as a happiness switch and can everyone learn to turn it on? What does science have to say about this? Karin and Margreet will have tea with a happiness professor to hear about his findings. In addition, they will visit various places where people go for cheap thrills, like the carnival, an amusement park or a casino. What are people trying to find there and what are they trying to escape from? In short, what is happiness and how do you hold on to it?

Despite its sometimes heavy content, the film is cheerful and chock-full of humor with a message that everyone can relate to.

Quote that inspired the maker

The joy of life is the joy of living.
Margreet Bos
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