A look behind the scenes so far

Project Reference: 

Michael and his team have been working on Ticking away for quite a while.  Follow our blog or facebook page to get a look behind the screens. 

This is where it happens: Michael’s studio!  Take a close look at the picture and you will see the storyboard and sketches of the watchmaker hanging on the walls.

A storyboard tells the story of the film in images. Did you know that Walt Disney introduced the storyboards that we use today?

Eventually the storyboard is translated to animation. Below you can see a single frame from the film being created (https://vimeo.com/128459276).


Michael draws the moving parts of the film frame by frame (at a rate of 24 frames per second). The green and purple lines in the picture below indicated sequential positions of the watchmaker.

This video (https://vimeo.com/127698546) shows you what a rough animation looks like:  


After clean-up the animation itself is ready but it still needs to be coloured and brought together with, amongst other things, the backgrounds. This last process we call compositing. For Ticking away Fabrique Fantastique was responsible for these tasks.

Left to right: Matthew Lu (color artist), Quinten van Epperzeel (color artist), Hanne Geeraert (DEA veteran), Michaël Koning (compositing wizard) en Floriaan den Hoed (color artist).

The music is  also well on its way . It’s composed by Reinhard Vanbergen of the Flemish pop formation “Das Pop” composed the de muziek. Here you can see him at work together with Michael.

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