LOBACH The Movie
A Documentary by Marja De Vries
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About the project
LOCKLINEDancer Toon Lobach has sought the spotlight since an early age. His elder brother Willem shuns the limelight. LOBACH explores their worlds.

Subject Matter

LOBACH follows Toon and Willem Lobach, two brothers from Amsterdam, who have charted two very different courses for their lives.



Toon's life has revolved around modelling, acting and dancing since an early age. The world is his stage. He's working hard to fulfil his dream of becoming a professional dancer with a prestigious dance company. His elder brother Willem is more of an observer than a participant in life. He prefers the surroundings of his bedroom to those of the outside world.

This year, their worlds will diverge even further. Toon successfully auditioned for the Nederlands Dans Theater and is moving to The Hague. He'll be leaving Willem behind.

LOBACH aims to portray the bond between these two brothers, as well as the role of their parents. Willem is second cameraman to help document the last phase of their youth. This not only provides a more intimate glimpse into Toon's psyche, but into Willem's too.



Director Marja de Vries on LOBACH



I've known Toon and Willem since their birth – they're a good friend of my children. The difference between the two was clear from a very early age.

Toon seeks attention. He's sociable, talented and highly motivated. Those around him embrace him wholeheartedly. Willem prefers his own company and finds situations involving any form of pressure challenging. This is difficult for many around him to comprehend.

To avoid intruding too much into their private lives, I first asked Willem to take photos of Toon in their home setting. This provided great material and I took Willem with me to his brother's dance rehearsals as my second cameraman. I also asked him whether he'd be the documentary's interviewer and voiceover to give him his own 'stage'.


Until recently, I'd principally followed Toon and Willem's growth and development secondhand, though their mother. However, with LOBACH I sought to document a first-hand story about these two brothers in a light-hearted and unsentimental way.

I've been collecting film material with Willem since November 2015. The project has been generating a lot of interest among co-producers, and I need financial support in order to be able to convince them to participate, so that I can bring this project to fruition.

Quote that inspired the maker

'Why does everyone always have to have an opinion about everything?'
Willem Lobach