Living Room

Living Room
A Short film by Lilia Scheerder
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LOCKLINELiving Room is a short horror comedy about the grueling effect of loneliness, isolation and performance anxiety in pandemic times.

A visual story about loneliness, isolation and indecision. What if the walls literally close in on you? What if that what is supposed to protect you consumes you?

My name is Lilia Scheerder, I live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where I have been working as a visual artist for a number of years. I am a performer, graphic artist, drawing artist, filmmaker and photographer. I want to make a film in which those disciplines are united and I cannot do that without your help!

Structures and buildings play an important role in my work. I get the ideas from my dreams and nightmares, which I can often remember in great detail. They are a source of fascinating images that I use in my graphic work (etchings, lithographs and screen prints). Buildings and interiors in dreams can be understood as images for body and mind. In that sense I see the room in "Living Room" as a character. Hence the double meaning in the English title which implies the room is both being "lived in" and "alive".

"Living Room" tries to imagine what effect the bizarre circumstances in which we now live has on some people. The isolation, the fear of the unknown, the lack of rhythm, the desire to hold someone. The film tells the story of two lonely souls who rent the same room, but at different times. The room turns out to be an evil entity who makes victims of its inhabitants. Once inside, they cannot get out. The room feeds on their insecurities and plays manipulative games with them. Slowly but gradually the walls are literally closing in around them...

I am a fan of sci-fi and horror. With the imagery used in those genres, society is very effectively held up a mirror.

"Living Room" has no spoken dialogue. The actors tell the story through their physical play, which is enhanced with a specially composed score. “Living Room” is a tribute to silent film, which in the period between 1920 and 1930 evolved into a perfect art form, a carefully composed interplay of image and sound, a combination of sensory experiences that can move people like no other. A beautiful art form that deserves to continue to exist. I want to do this with all the means available to me. The visual dream worlds that I evoke in my work are ideal to accomplish this.

For "Living Room" I use elements from silent films, especially from German expressionist films and the sophisticated slapstick comedies from the 1920s, but it will not be a nostalgic trip. It is consciously made with modern techniques, which should be visible. We use modern cameras and a modern soundtrack. We want to make a timeless movie, not an imitation of a silent movie.

The set plays a key role in the film. The actors are more used to standing on stage than in front of a camera. I want everything to be "real". This has consequences for the set, which is mobile. I see it as an art object.

The idea for "Living Room" came about in January 2021 after a conversation with actor and co-author Johnny Mirer. I told him about a nightmare and Johnny saw connections with stories he knew and ideas of his own. A story gradually emerged from that conversation. A story about a man, a woman, a house.
As the story gradually began to take shape, its relationship with the COVID-19 pandemic dawned on me. Everything in me says that this film should be made right now.

We find crowdfunding a sympathetic form of financing because of the direct contact it establishes between creator and contributor. It appeals to us that no anonymous jury, but a diverse group of people who each contribute their bit to bring this project to a successful conclusion. We very much hope that we have been able to enthuse you about the film, which is very dear to us and that the artistic compensations we cooked up appeal to you.

You also help us in taking the next step in our artistry. I have previously made short films and video clips with a very minimal budget. With this crowdfunding, we get more opportunities in the realisation to make the film successful and to further grow as filmmakers. The quality that we can achieve with the financing ensures that we can also offer the film to various film festivals. The film will also be released on DVD and presented as a visual work in collaboration with TAC Eindhoven. You will be kept informed about precise dates via our newsletter.

We want this film to be the starting shot to continue showing the beauty of film as a visual medium to our audience and we sincerely hope that you can help us with this.

Dit project wordt ondersteund door Kunstloc Brabant. De motivatie van Kunstloc Brabant bij dit project:
De Brabantse Lilia Scheerder is performer, graficus, tekenaar, filmmaker en fotograaf en maakt een stomme film over eenzaamheid en isolatie in tijden van een pandemie. In deze korte horror-comedy zet zij al deze disciplines in. Kunstloc Brabant draagt graag een steentje bij aan dit bijzondere project!

Quote that inspired the maker

They say pantomime's a lost art. It's never been a lost art and never will be, because it's too natural to do.
Buster Keaton
This project was successfully funded on 14-06-2021

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