Little Ox

Little Ox
An Animation by Raf Wathion & Patrick Vandebroeck
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About the project
LOCKLINEThe hard existence and survival of nature determines our story.

A little muskox migrates with a small herd through the cold barren tundra. For the hungry little ox the rules of conduct are difficult to fathom. His mother does her best to take care of him. During their journey the herd gets attacked by a pack of wolves, they are after Little Ox.

Your help is very much appreciated!

Our animation process and rendering is coming to the end, which was a big hurdle if you need to animate multiple quadruped animals. We were very happy with our beloved crew that made this all possible. Our next stage is to texturise the final image and sound for a big screen viewing. For music we are happy to be collaborating with composer Michel Banabila and sounddesign will be executed by Wart Wamsteker.

To be able to give the viewer a proper big screen scope and promotion we are looking for a welcoming help to get our last stages financed.

To support your gift we have a nice book of Little Ox containing on each page one selected frame of each shot, 100 pages 20 x 25 cm. We also have limited editions high quality prints on 300 gram paper with special selected high definition rendered frames of the film.   *See below this page for our selection.  Mention which print you wish in the final comment section when you place a gift. 



We are both very much attracted by the mysterious ways of natural phenomena. For us nature is a rich breeding ground for dramatic stories. The central idea of this scenario is based on an emotional event from a nature documentary. It struck us a lot and inspired us to get this story told. We noticed that many times nature filmmakers follow the succes of the predators, not always do we get to know their prey. Immediately we wanted to tell this emotional event from the preys point of view.

Nature in general has no purpose, all creatures are caught up within its laws. Preys can’t prevent a predators world. Sometimes for us it’s difficult to explain or understand animals behaviour. Ultimately for us as storytellers, the hard existence in nature determined the course here.

In “L’Ours”, a film by Jean-Jacques Annaud, the filmmaker goes a step further than in a documentary. As a viewer we identify with the animals, while the filmmaker never loses sight of the natural behaviour of the animals. We also strive for that balance, by sketching hunger, instinct, fear and motherly protection the viewer can empathise with the main characters.


As filmmakers we like to express ourselves in a graphic universe, we believe it symbolises the facts stronger for this story. This cuddly identification will give a greater emotional strength to the outcome of the film. A graphic animation process allows us to portray this cold natural universe romantically. Plus, compared to a nature documentary in CGI we can freely plant our cameras down where ever needed.

All though it is a full CGI process it’s in our intention to give the film a strong graphic impressionist spectrum. This 3D pipe-line ends with a painted look that leaves an elaborate analogue impression. The decor and characters rid themselves of their clinical CGI aspect, without losing lens dynamics and a sense of space.

About us

We have professionally worked together on many occasions, now for the second time on a short film. In a challenging animation production a directors collaboration works better for many creative and practical reasons.  Website /   Raf Wathion   Patrick Vandebroeck

“The Gap” was our first animated short that had 55 worldwide Film Festival selections and won many prizes and honourable mentions.

Grand Prize Short Film Section  Seoul, International Cartoon & Animation Festival   -   First Prize International Competition  Germany, Monstronale Festival  -  Best animated Film of the Festival  White Russia, Animaevka Int. Festival of Animated Film   -   Best Debut Film  Litouwen, Tindirindis Festival  -  Best Animation Award - Special honourable mention  Kinofilm  Manchester Int. Short Film and Animation festival

Trailer The Gap



  • A film by Raf Wathion & Patrick Vandebroeck
  • Presented by Wenneker & SeriousFilm
  • Post-Production by Komkom Doorn
  • Animation Supervision by Miguel A. Fuertes
  • Music by Michel Banabila
  • Sound design by Wart Wamsteker
  • Distribution Klik
  • Flanders Audiovisual Fund
  • Netherlands Film Fund
  • In co-production with Shelter Prod
  • In association with & ING
  • The Tax Shelter incentive of the Federal Government of Belgium




      size 80x40cm

       size 50x70cm

       THE BOOK OF LITTLE OX. 100 pages 20x25cm

Quote that inspired the maker

When wolves show up accidents happen.
Raf Wathion & Patrick Vandebroeck