A Short film by Jörgen Scholtens en Pepijn van Weeren
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LOCKLINEIn a Cuckoo Clock lives a lonely man. Each hour he gets catapulted out of his little house to yell 'Cuckoo'.

As filmmakers we always look for visual parallels to adress current themes. We love magical realism -  a style of storytelling where we connect the everyday with something supernatural or absurd. Often with a comical effect. At the same time, we want our characters to react and act as ordinary people so that the connection with reality remains and the viewers identify themselves with the characters. Therefore our films are fairly tragic.

Cuckoo! is a story about a neurotic man who has to 'cuckoo' to preserve his familiair lifestyle. We like to use an absurd angle to tell a story about rut, loneliness and digitization. It is too common to see professions fall away because of rapid technological developments, or to see professions being reduced to endless repetition of one and the same action.


In the room of an old lady hangs a cuckoo clock. The cuckoo that once lived there left many years ago. Now Lammert is doing the job. Fortunately, he is a punctual man. Every hour he sits down on his catapult seat. Helmet on, seatbelt secure and out he shoots. He yells 'Cuckoo! Cuckoo!'

The old lady usually sleeps. Lammert must scream really hard to make sure she awakes. His work is of vital importance because she has to take her medication each hour exacly. . Day and night, 24/7, he's always on time. But if, due to a little inattention, he misses one 'cuckoo' and gets the fright of his life: the lady considers replacing the cuckoo clock with a digital clock radio.


We are Director Jörgen Scholtens and screenwriter Pepijn van Weeren. This year we made five short films with a large team of dedicated professionals. Three of the films we made during the 48h project (Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Leeuwaren). In all cases we won 'best film' and a total of nineteen prizes and nine nominations. With this team we will make Cuckoo!




2018: "Masterclass"

2018: "Koe-man"

Quote that inspired the maker

Het vogeltje uit oma's klok
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