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Hang on
A Short film by Bart Schrijver
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LOCKLINEA dark comedy about a window washer on the literal brink of death and how the battery of an iPhone can cost him his life...


Window washer Dennis (Huub Smit) falls from the thirtieth floor of a building. He gets stuck against a window on the twenty-fifth floor. But he is in luck: inside he sees a woman, Debbie. He is saved. But that proves to be a lot more difficult than he'd hoped...

Debbie is half naked when window washer Dennis smashes into her window. They cannot hear each other through the un-openable window. Right before she dials 911, her iPhone goes flat and they have three minutes to kill before the little apple appears on her screen again.

How convenient when you were just getting ready for a date and there is a man stuck against your window who can give you clothing advice...

Hang On is a dark comedy about an odd encounter, mis-communication, and a situation that is life threatening but becomes so much more bizarre from there.




The role of Dennis wil be played by Huub Smit. Huub is a famous Dutch actor, known for his roles in New Kids. Watch the trailer. Upcoming summer his new film Men from Mars will come out. However, first he will put his life on the line playing the lead in Hang on






We are Teuntje Schrijver and Bart Schrijver, brother and sister, and founders of film production company It Happened on a Tuesday. We create content for companies, but our passion lies with fiction film.foto van Teuntje Schrijver.

In our films, we like to explore the essence of the story, an underlying theme or emotion that is relatable for everybody.

We wrote Hang On because we felt like making a comedy. Hang On is a bizarre story about a complicated situation, where two people have to make sure one of them doesn't die. The drive to stay alive is a primal instinct, that you only experience when the situation occurs. When your co-character is someone who is not in that same situation, it can put different loads onto the circumstances...



This film is realised by De Ontmoeting and in coöperation with NL Film (Penoza, Tonio, Moordvrouw). foto van Teuntje Schrijver.

De Ontmoeting is a platform for new filmmakers, where you can be chosen to participate based on your screenplay. The script is presented to several production companies who can choose your film to be produced. MORE INFORMATION

We entered our script of Hang On.

Producition company NL Film picked us and is now supporting the production of our project. MORE INFORMATION



We are extremely happy and enthusiastic that we are making this short film, but we are not there yet. The tricky thing about the production of this film is that window washer Dennis is holding on to a window at a severe height to make sure he doesn't fall to his death.foto van Teuntje Schrijver.

To establish this as visually attractive and as real as possible, we need the assistance of a stunt team and/or a lot of post-production. Dennis can not balance himself on a ledge high above the ground without safety measures. Or if we want to use a greenscreen, it will cost a lot of time and money to make it really seem that Dennis is not just standing on the ground floor on a table.

We still have a lot of decisions to make, but no matter what, we can use a helping hand.

Not only Dennis' uncomfortable situation, but more aspects of a film production cost time and unfortunately money.

De Ontmoeting and NL Film already gave us a big push in the right direction, but we need more players for our game. Do you want to be part of that?



Visit our websit http://www.tuesdayfilm.com to see our portfolio, or:

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Watch Bart's director's showreel here:


Quote that inspired the maker

Dennis: Fuck...
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