A Documentary by Arno Ouwejan & Marco Hohl
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About the project
LOCKLINEHomopropaganda is a web series that visits Gay Prides worldwide. It's positive, energetic tv with solid interviews and a bright pink microphone.

Homopropaganda is web series that visits Gay Prides around the world. It's positive, energetic television with solid interviews, a big dose of fun and a bright pink microphone. 


Homopropaganda wants to show the world that there's nothing wrong with being gay or talking about it! Hence the name, which refers to recent events in Russia where you risk a fine or possible jail time when you publicly talk about homosexuality. 

What we do

We visit prides around the globe and film segments about debates, filmnights, exhibitions, sporting events, literary walks and parties that are organised by and for lesbians, transgenders, gays, queers, heterosexuals, intersexuals and bisexuals that are proud of their identity.


We offer these segments to pride organisers around the world for free to put on their Youtube accounts or webpages. We also offer it to LGBT tv channels and media worldwide for free.

Crew and goal

Homopropaganda is made by a small group of volunteers, all tv professionals. The money that we're crowdsourcing is used for travel costs, accomodation and meals. For the first series (consisting of 5 episodes) we want to travel to the Tel Aviv Pride June 2014. 


The crew of Homopropaganda started making LGBT web videos for the Amsterdam Gay Pride in 2011 and has continued to do so ever since. The Dutch segment, called ProGay TV (also broadcast on the national gay channel OUTTV), is a template for Homopropaganda. It has also spawned other web videos in support of the dutch LGBT community. 

The Dutch example




Quote that inspired the maker

There is such a reluctance to address sex as an inherent part of the human experience ... the true perversion to me is crushing it and hiding it.
John Cameron Mitchell