Het is maar Haar

Het is maar Haar
A Documentary by Lotte Boon & Lauren Verbrugh
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LOCKLINEDocumentary about a girl with alopecia and a wig. Has she got the courage to take it off?


In this documentary we are following Lotte. Lotte has the autoimmune disease alopecia and because of that she has little to no hair. Because of this she has been wearing a wig everyday for the last eleven years. But why is she doing this? Why, as a society, do we think hair is this important? Why is armpit hair forbidden, but you got to have hair on your head? And is Lotte up for the big finally: going clubbing without her wig in Amsterdam?


Finding a subject for our (Lotte and Lauren) documentary was pretty easy. Lotte is making the documentary, but she is also the leading role. She was diagnosed with alopecia when she was just two years old, so she doesn’t know a life without it. There are a lot of things you have to think about when you put on a wig everyday. Like swimming, you can forget about that when you have a wig like Lotte.’I hadn’t swum in ten years. It is bad for my wig and I don’t go outside without it. I avoid the beach in general, a wig is like a wool hat. It sweats like crazy!’  But also with rain (‘I can’t walk through it’), dating (‘on which date do I tell it?’) and with sleepovers (‘do I keep my wig on?’) Lotte is confronted with her disease.

When Lotte started traveling through Australia, she was really done with it. ‘The last few months I’ve been getting more and more confident. Someone should and can love me for who I am, with or without my wig. That is why this is the right moment to find out why I’ve been putting on a wig everday for the last eleven years. Why don’t I leave my wig at home?

When we were preparing for the documentary, someone asked Lauren is she was going to shave her hair off too. To make it more ‘fair’ for Lotte. The first thing Lauren felt was panic. ‘No! I REALLY don’t want that!’ That’s when she realized what her blonde locks mean to her. She got more and more curious about the way society looks at hair.

Someone entire appearance is determined with someones hair. Someone looks completely different with a black short bob than with long blonde hair. A ‘bad hair-day’ can ruin someones entire day. Most people don’t realize how important hair is. Until they don’t have it anymore. If it’s because of chemo, alopecia or voluntary shaving it off.


Why are we asking you to support this documentary? We are very proud of our logo and the music that is made just for the movie. We hope that after a long time of editing, we can give the movie an extra special touch with good sound and colours. For all these things we need talented people to help us! But of course, we have to reward them for that. We would love to use your donation for that.

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Quote that inspired the maker

'It's just hair right?'
- Tim Hofman, Je zal het maar hebben
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