A Documentary by Froukje van Wengerden
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LOCKLINEA short documentary about Frenk, his love for music and the search for a home.

the beginning

During my first meeting with Frenk, after 2 minutes he said: "When I was three years old, I arrived from Brazil, during the coldest winter the Netherlands had known, in Leeuwarden. This place became my second birthtown, here I feel at home. " At that moment I knew he would become the subject of my film.


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In the short film we meet Frenk, born in Brazil, on his third adopted and raised in Leeuwarden. From a young age he discovered a great passion for music and dreamed of returning to Brazil at the age of 40. After all, when you're young, 40 sounds pretty far away. Now, he is 35 years old and his dream is becoming more and more reality. Through his passion for music, he started Sterrenfabriek, a place where he teaches children music lessons. His philosophy: music as a way to express emotions, to find comfort and joy. One day he hopes to help street children in Brazil with this concept. That far away country, which he barely remembers and where his biological father and mother have so far proved to be untraceable, is increasingly appealing to him. A Portuguese language course prepares him for his journey. As he focuses on his dream, all kinds of questions arise: why can I really make music that well? Where do I come from? Who are my parents? Am I ever going to see them again? Am I actually Dutch or Brazilian? And where do I feel at home? 

Director's note

With a film about Frenk, I hope to make a film about our search for identity and the way music can offer us comfort in life. It is that quest for identity in which Frenk and I recognize each other. I also asked myself in the personal films I made: where do I come from? Who are my parents? What does a home mean? And where do I belong? I try to investigate these questions by making films. Like Frenk, I find comfort and joy in the stories of people around me. People who tell me stories about where or with whom they experience that feeling of being "at home". Sometimes I find more questions than answers. But that always leads me to making new films.



At the moment we are financing our film. Because we will make this film with a small crew, we already have half of our budget with the money from this cinecrowd campaign. With this money we can pay for our camera and sound equipment and finance the editing and sound processing. Frenk and I are currently making test images together, in which we are looking for scenes that evoke a tension between Leeuwarden here and Brazil there. After finishing the Netherlands Film Academy two years ago, I am attracted to this more intuitive and spontaneous way of filmmaking as an experiment for myself as a filmmaker. The period of research and the period of shooting automatically merge. What we do know: the film will have its premiere during the Northern Film Festival from 5 untill 11 November 2018. And it will be broadcasted as a Fryslân DOK on NPO2 and Omrop Fryslân.

We hope you will be curious about our search and support us in making this film. We make this film in collaboration with: New Noardic Wave & Omrop Fryslân.

Quote that inspired the maker

"Travel is nonsense," he announced. "The only thing you see is what's already inside you."
James Salter
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