Final week of Crowdfunding

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Dear Supporters, friends, family, and colleagues, 

We have entered the final week of our crowdfunding campaign and we're almost there. We are at 51% of our goal. This week we also had great news from our friends at CineSud (, who have agreed to come on board as coproducers and invest in the film as well (financially and in terms of coaching)! My film screened at their festival last year, so we are excited to continue the partnership. This is all great news!

But in order to keep the money we have raised so far we need to reach at least 80% of our goal. We're convinced this is still possible, so please keep sharing our campaign with your network and telling your friends and colleagues about our project!

For us it's absolutely crucial that we shoot this film in the spring when we can still take advantage of using NYU's film equipment for free!  

We are very grateful for your support of us as artists and independent film in general!  

Thank you!

- Abigail & Ibrahim 

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