Eva's Mission

Eva's Mission
A Documentary by Martha van der Bly
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LOCKLINEEva Schloss, one of the last Auschwitz survivors and the stepdaughter of Otto Frank, fights the resurfacing demons of xenophobia in today's society.


The 90 min. film EVA'S MISSION tells the impressive story of the life of  EVA SCHLOSS,  survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau and the stepdaughter of Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father. In the film we intertwine the storylines of Eva's traumatic past and her present as an active speaker all over the world fighting xenophobia and any form of intolerance.

We explore the experiences that shaped her identity as a young girl, the flight from Vienna, hiding in Amsterdam, betrayal and deportation to Westerbork and to Auschwitz.

We also show how Eva overcame all adversities and now, at age 87, tirelessly fights for tolerance and against the demons of the past resurfacing in today's society: xenophobia, antisemitism, Islamophobia, demagogy and the rise of right-wing parties all over the world. 

Actress and filmmaker Martha Van Der Bly is making the film 'Eva's Mission', a long-held dream. Martha first met Eva in 2011 in London, when she was fortunate enough to be cast in a play about Eva's life, 'And Then They Came for Me', first as the Nazi then as 'Eva', performing for two years at schools in and around London and on a tour to South Africa. 

David Adkins Photography- London

We explore the boundaries between present and past. And also between drama and reality. It won't be long before the Holocaust is nothing but a memory on film. History. A play that we watch on stage. Eva's is perhaps the last link in the chain.  

Did Eva survive hell as a young girl, only to see the demons of hatred return in world politics at the end of her life? Our film follows one of the last living Auschwitz survivors on her mission. 

Our film gives Eva a voice with global reach. The voice of someone who knows the devastating consequences of extreme hatred, who felt the evil humanity is capable of. As a young innocent girl... 

Ultimately our film raises the philosophical question of whether human progress is truly possible, not just in a technological sense but in a humanitarian one as well.

'And Then They Came Fore Me' in Johannesburg, South Africa. Picture by Julian Pokroy Photography


It is astounding that no one has ever made a long film about Eva Schloss. Now that we have forged a close relationship over the years with Eva, now that we have the opportunity and access to important historical material, we have to tell this story.

Before it is too late.

This is the opportunity for you to become part of a unique film. Unique in a historical sense with Eva as a relatively unknown connection to the world-famous Anne Frank story.

Unique as we are documenting Eva’s own tireless work as a public speaker schools, prisons and so forth, promoting tolerance since the publication of her first book in 1988. 

For her work, Eva received two honorary doctorates and an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) from her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in 2012.

But most of all, our film documents the fight of one of the world’s last Auschwitz survivors against the resurfacing demons of the past in our world today: the rise of intolerance, exclusion and hatred.

Like Eva herself says, “Who will teach them when we are gone?”


We have chosen the Cinecrowd platform because we want to reach as many people as possible! And we have chosen Cinecrowd because our film is a film for movie lovers, just like Cinecrowd.

By supporting our campaign, you will be on the ‘Eva’s Mission’ team!



Eva’s passionate mission and message of hope has inspired people all over the world and changed lives, including those of the filmmakers.

That is why we want to share Eva’s story, so you’ll be inspired too!

This is your opportunity to become part of an important story, not just in Dutch history, but in the history of the world. A future world where one day we will not just look at social categories like religion or race or gender but with Eva, we will only see 'people'.


We are looking forward to you becoming part of our project and of Eva’s mission.

PS. Should you want to contribute to the film in any other way, of course that is possible. You could also become an investor. For more information please email marthavanderbly@gmail.com  




We want to achieve a great deal, with the money from the crowd-funding campaign.   

The film ‘Eva’s Mission’ is in its early stages. Preproduction is finished, we generated some seed capital and started filming in London and Amsterdam.

Now with your help we can take the next steps and film:

  • - long in-depth interviews with Eva in London, gather new source material and document important historical information
  • - the traces of Eva’s past in Amsterdam and Westerbork
  • - Eva speaking in January 2017 in Germany. Eva will speak in Buchenwald at the ‘Topf & Söhne: Builders of the Auschwitz Ovens - Place of Remembrance’. 'Topf & Söhne' was a German engineering company that built the crematoria used by the Nazis at concentration camps including Auschwitz-Birkenau.
  • - Eva speaking at schools and at prisons in London and Holland


  • With your support we have the opportunity to document Eva's life and mission. 
  • Forever. 
  • Thank you for your support! 

4 mei 2016, Dodenherdenking / World War 2 Memorial, Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam



Quote that inspired the maker

QUESTION: - “Eva, how does it make you feel to see Anne Frank played by a girl who is black? And the role of your father by an Arab actor? To see Jewish, Hindi, Muslim, Christian perform your life story on stage? - EVA SCHLOSS: ”Well, I don't see that. I ONLY SEE PEOPLE” -
Eva Schloss, Q & A after a performance in Constitutional Hill, Johannesburg - 16 December 2012
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