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LOCKLINERevered old master Gonzalo Rincón hopes to keep the outdated traditions of the corrida alive

The purpose of the film is not to change the opinion of the public, but to provide insight and understanding for the people who feel connected to their country through their traditions. In today's divided society, it is important to understand each other and learn from each other if we ever want to change as a society.

How often will matadors still set foot in the arena in the future? How long will it take before the tradition of bullfighting will only be seen on a screen in museums?


The film is my graduation project at the Dutch Film Academy. "Y Los Toros Bailan También" is a film about cultural preservation and the outdated traditions of bullfighting set in and around the modern city of Madrid. What I want to achieve with the film is understanding each other and bringing people closer together. My personal vision is to lower boundaries and connect people; because apart from a few differences, we are all the same.


82 year old aficionado, revered master and father Gonzalo Rincón believes the outdated traditions of the corrida will maintain its ground in the modern city of Madrid. Controversial as bullfighting may seem, for Gonzalo Rincón it is an important part of his life. It is a pure form of art formed by the hands of God. Once Inspired to stand in the heart of the sand himself, he now passes on his knowledge to a new generation. Confronted with the controversy around the corrida, Gonzalo Rincón still hopes that bullfighting remains part of Spains heritage.

Las Ventas, El Batán, Lavapíes, Sol. Madrid is a city where old and new constantly collide. A city that is always on the move. A city in which old traditions and religion are still rooted in its DNA.The film is divided into 2 acts. The first act takes place in Trujillo, where Gonzalo Rincón returns to his son. Julio Cèsar Rincón was once one of Spain's most appreciated matador, praised for his graceful style. Gonzalo Rincón, from Colombia, grew up with the dream of becoming a matador someday. The film Fiesta Brava inspired him to pursue his dream. The search for fame eventually came through his son, who had the mentality and bravado to dance in the sand with the bulls. Together with his son they reminisce about the past and the glory days of the matador.

An other important day for Gonzalo Rincòn is May 15th, the festivities of San Isidro. This time of year also marks an important moment for the greatest bullfighters in Spain. However, the arena seems less full than it used to be. Gonzalo is confronted with the question of whether the tradition is coming to an end and whether there is any future in the corrida. It may be controversial, but for the time being it is still a dream of many young people in Spain to step into the ring ...

Having Mexican roots myself my mom took me to the Plaza de Toros in Mexico when I was a kid. I remember that I thought it was very beautiful. I never understood why the bull had to be killed, but I understood that it was part of the culture. Now, by telling the story of an aficionado who has devoted all his life to bullfighting, I hope to give an insight into the culture and people who feel connected to there culture and country ...


Making a film is unfortunately not free, and making a graduation film can sometimes be difficult. But with your support we can realize the film. As a sponsor you are a part of the film and you are kept informed of all the ins and outs, from the filming itself to the premiere. With your donation we can not make the film, we can also show it to the public. Check the rewards and hopefully we will see you at the premiere!

Quote that inspired the maker

The role of culture is that it's the form through which we as a society reflect on who we are, where we've been, where we hope to be.
Wendell Pierce
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