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LOCKLINEWhen Nikki dies in an accident, the connection that she and Lucas were building abruptly ends. He gets obsessed with the man who caused the accident.

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We are amazed that we reached our goal in so little time.  
Thank you so much for supporting our project! We are really grateful and even more determined to make this film the best it can be.

We're now aiming for 6500 euros, in order to make the film even better than we could hope for, by increasing the quality of our equipment in order to get a better picture.

Thank you all again for your kind messages and donations!
Marijn, Céline and the team.


Wanderers follows two storylines intercut with each other. In one Lucas meets Nikki, his best friends’ sister and they quickly connect. Lucas starts to think that there is a future between them. In the second timeline, we see how that future is taken away from him and how Lucas and Sam, his best friend, deal with it. Lucas doesn’t know what to do with this feeling of loss and the pain he sees in his friend. He starts to consider the idea of going after the person who caused the accident, first to see if he could get away with it, but then it becomes more real. 


Everyone has expectations and dreams about their future. Sometimes something happens that makes you rethink that future. That can be a positive or a negative thing : in the positive, with the hope that Lucas has when he meets Nikki, but also in the negative, with Lucas having this future taken away from him. And the higher you dream, the harder you fall. 


The film takes place in and around a house in ‘De Weerribben’, a nature reserve in the north of the Netherlands. The area is filled with rough nature and beautiful waterscapes. It’s a perfect set for this film, since it embodies both sides of the story. It’s a fairytale landscape away from the big city, perfect to explore with someone you care about, but also a deserted, cold and unforgiving place. The area has a cinematic quality that surprisingly hasn’t been captured since the 1958 film Fanfare.

Learn more about our crew and previous work in the Cast & Crew tab above ! 


The production of the film is expected to cost 10.000 pounds or 11.500 euros. As a student production we are pulling all favours and trying to make the money go as far as possible. You can find a breakdown of our costs below. Part of the money is an equity investment from the London Film School, the rest we hope to raise through this crowdfunding campaign. 

Quote die de filmmaker inspireerde

I think generally I'm kind of interested in subjective experience, what goes on inside someone's head, that being all they really know of the world.
Charlie Kaufman
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