VEVAM is an association under Dutch law with a Board denominated by the members meeting. VEVAM members are directors of film and television.

VEVAM collects a number of copyright fees for audiovisual works and distributes the money among the "beneficiaries", the directors of the respective movies and television programs.

These are fees charged by the creators themselves who are unable to be collected. Such as the fee that the cable pays for the transmission of television programs and "Private Copying", a fee paid by the consumer when he records a film of television at home.

VEVAM is affiliated with VOICE, the association of Dutch law organizations. VEVAM is committed to the Quality Mark for Collective Management Organisations in the field of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights, CBO Hallmark

It also makes VEVAM part of PAM, Audiovisual Portal Makers, the association of professional organizations DDG, Screenwriters Network and ACT, and collective rights organizations VEVAM, LIRA and NORMA.

"The repartitiereglementen for cable, copying and lending right gives VEVAM the power to allocate part of the funds, to be distributed for social and cultural purposes. These funds are paid into a fund to be managed by the Foundation VEVAM Fund (SVF). "