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LOCKLINEJoost has a problem, but now he has found a solution. Isn't it?

Joost is 10 years old and lives within a world of fear and confusion, but this is not seen because his mother's physical problems.

If Joost (now 24 years) starts studying photography, he chooses to live life with a physical disability. For the first time, he is seen / understood. This seems the solution until he gets to know Isa better.

The contrast between light and dark is an important style element. Throughout the movie, the light is used as metaphor for the position that Joost can not hold, and the extremes within his behaviour. Joost is fascinated by the light, while his mother chooses for the dark because of her epilepsy.

The emotions of Joost will be told by his monologues. It is going to be an intimate and personal movie.

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motivation director

With this movie I want to show the on going taboo about psychological problems. Everyone should be able to talk about themes like depression, anxiety and panic. 

This movie is based on my own experience, since I had to deal with panic attacks. It was very hard to talk about this, but when I opened up, the attacks went away.

I noticed that people judge soon about somebody else’s situation. They think that a person is crazy or dramatizes the situation. There should be more comprehension.

This movie is about someone who fights with his feelings. The fear of incomprehension is so strong that he isn't true towards himself. He is the victim of society's standard.


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Quote that inspired the maker

“Some people feel like they don't deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past.”
Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild
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