A Short film by Sandrino Cayo Huerta
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Project Information

About the project
LOCKLINEVALOR is an experimental and autonomous coming of age story based on South-American spirituality mixed with Western street culture.

The Story 

Mateo is a boy who just lost his mother, she wasn’t only his mother but also the spiritual leader of his tribe. This position is now become vacant and it is up to Mateo to follow in his mother's footsteps. Being uncertain of his own capabilities the Spirits start to appear. Overwhelmed by them Mateo starts to question his purpose and pursues on a journey for his own power. 


In my surrounding I see that many run away for responsibilities or problems. Not being able to manage under social pressure. We start looking for a temporary euphoric solution that are of short duration. We try to control the chaos ourselves, however this is counter-productive. We keep looking for the next distraction and are stagnated in the same repetition. To break out of this perpetual recurrence we need to be confronted by our true self and our unresolved conflicts. 

Directors Motivation

Our Chilean nationality was always a major part in the development of my identity. We were raised spiritually and families ties were strong. After the loss of my mother I lost a large part of my culture. This made me question my own identity and started filling the void with self-destructive tendencies. 

The emptiness was filled by hanging on the street, which made me get into contact with street gangs at a very young age. I tried to establish new family ties within this group. These bonds were strengthened by seeking violence and abusing drug use to escape feelings and responsibilities. The toxic masculinity within the group caused an inner conflict with my sexuality that I started to discover. How can the loss of a loved one contribute to transforming and propagate towards a new self-image. 

By combining the spirituality of the South-American Mapuche culture with Western street culture, I want to show how one develops identity between two polarizing cultures.  


Throughout the movie there will be no use of spoken dialogue. Everything will be communicated through dance alone. Dance is one of the purest forms of expression, all deep-rooted emotions are expressed by the body alone. The different dance styles offer countless ways to show one emotion. Dance is entangled with representations of race, sexuality and gender in popular culture, it becomes a weapon of activism and emancipation.  

Money trail 

Thanks to the help of Institute of Barcelona we have found some amazing dancers, all have been cast for their unique style and ability to translate the story through movement alone. We have a total of 12 dancers within the cast. 

The story is a cross-over between urban street culture and nature. We have found a location that reflects this narrative in Rubi a town near Barcelona. The empty worn down streets have a raw atmosphere. It is a perfect fit and adds another layer for our particular film.   

A big crew is needed to make the project come to life.The whole crew is assembled and chosen for their abilities in their respecting roles. We have camera, light, sound, art-directors, stylist, producers, hair and make-up to make this project a success. The crew consist of 12 people. 


The masks are an important element for the spirits in this film. The masks are inspired from Native American tribes. Each mask is distinctive from another, making each spirit unique with their own dancing style. The story is a modern crossover between native and urban street culture, reflecting back in styling as well.

The film will have orginal composed music by Dylan van Dael. His musical talents allow him to create a perfect balance between Latin and Urban. The music has an important role for the dancers but also the pace of the narrative. 

About the maker
Sandrino Cayo Huerta (27) is finishing his bacherlor Audiovisual Design at Willem de Kooning Academy. Themes such as identity, culture and fashion are regularly shown in his work, he tells stories from these sub-cultures that do not receive enough media attention. With his passion for film, he has the aspiration to show how intriguing pain and imperfection really are. 

Quote that inspired the maker

The sun will illuminate the path to a destination where I can finally find myself.
Cloris Huerta Alfaro