The Upper Crust the Movie

The Upper Crust the Movie
A Short film by Caatje van Leeuwen
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About the project
LOCKLINETwo English upper class ladies meet for afternoon tea. They have been good and close friends for seven years, or so they think...

About the Upper Crust the Movie

The Upper Crust the movie is about living in a golden cage and the things we do to sustain that. 
A world with its own rules and conditions, where freedom seems to be more scary then any other action we undertake to maintain its existence. 
A story that has been told so many times, because it’s universal, because maybe we want to be inspired to find the courage and break free from our own created golden cages.
Or maybe we don’t, maybe it comforts us to see we are not the only one living in a frame.

Well here is my version, where time is undefined, where the colours are bright and where the tea is drank lukewarm. 

photo: Ilja Keizer 

Based on Caatje van Leeuwen and Claire Schuyffel’s play of the same name, The Upper Crust the Movie is a 30 minute short film inspired by the works of Oscar Wilde and Robert Altman, among others. They have toured with it in the Netherlands and Belgium in the most appropriately intimate settings, and now with your support the ladies are finally moving to the big screen where they belong. 

The Story

In the world of the English upper class, two ladies meet for afternoon tea. They have been good and close friends for seven years and have been truly open and honest with each other ever since. Or so they think.

These two utmost civilized women, Gwenevere Vanderbilt Rosevile and Charlotte Newbury-Hawthorn, have their refreshments in the salon of the Vanderbilt residence in Darlington. Recently, due to a mysterious accident, Gwenevere’s husband Charles has been admitted to hospital. Chitchat and gossip that accompany the English comfort of drinking tea set the atmosphere of the afternoon, but is this enough to disguise the cracks that are slowly appearing in the upper crust?

Both ladies desperately try to keep up appearances, while dark secrets that have been hidden for far too long are threatening to surface. How long can you live a lie, how far will you go to sustain an imaginary world and… how truthful is their friendship after all?

Please do show us your generosity and become somebody who, at least to us, matters! 

On Filmmaking 

For me, filmmaking is the attempt to capture some of the essence of life and mirror it back into the world, where the inspiration was drawn from in the first place.
It’s like breathing. You inhale, fill yourself with experiences and inspiration, and then exhale by sending your version of that story into the world that gives the audience an experience and might inspire in return.

Filmmaking to me is a necessity. To create, to manifest, to tell stories that inspire and to live this life with such openness that all the stories that need to be told emerge effortlessly.
Because stories are everywhere, in everything and everyone. 
We are all a story waiting to be told.
That to me, is the beauty of life and the beauty of filmmaking. 



Quote that inspired the maker

"The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple."
Oscar Wild
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