Update: 5 facts about the making of Breaking Borders

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Dear supporters,

From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you for your donations. You are our finest ambassadors, that's why we want to update you about the process so far. And we we'll do that in 5 facts. 

#1: We shot our very last scene yesterday! We filmed in a pool just before the sun came up and now it's a wrap!

#2: We wrote down every single quote and started to puzzle together the story we believe in. 

#3: Ibrahim is now officially accepted as a political refugee by the state which means he can stay in Germany but is also allowed to visit other EU countries. 

#4: We're as we speak locking ourselfs up in the editing room to edit like there's no tomorrow. This is where Fatima's editing skills are shining bright.  

#5: 14% of this documentary is now funded. We still have 2 weeks left till the campaign will go offline. So tell your friends and family, your boss, grandchildren and neighbors. Let's break these borders together!

(For the Dutch supporters: Listen to our interview with radiostation FunX HERE)

Live to inspire, 
Barbara & Fatima Directors Breaking Borders 

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