Under the Surface

Under the Surface
A Documentary by Faye Meijer & Marielle de la Fuente
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LOCKLINEA different, positive approach on plastic pollution in the oceans through the eyes of 3 ambitious people who are trying to restore balance in nature.

Plastic pollution. A topic around us non-stop, whether it is on the news, radio or even social media: it is a problem that concerns all of us. It is big, and it is getting bigger year by year. That is the protagonist of our documentary: plastic. Three very interesting and inspirational Dutch people are going to show us diverse ways to make a difference with plastic in the ocean, at the beach and on land. Matthijs combs at the beach, Sander scoops it out of the sea and Suzanne turns it into something useful for daily life. All three actions are helping to reduce this huge problem in a small and easy-to-relate manner. And that is exactly what we want to reach with this documentary: inspiration among our society to help beat this problem, because together it is possible.

Faye and Marielle are motivated to make this documentary about plastic pollution because they deeply care about this issue. What sets us apart from the rest of these kind of films is a positive and inspirational view instead of showing the dark and, unfortunately, true sides of plastic pollution in the oceans. We believe it is not too late, and collecting forces is what we can reach with this documentary when it comes to light.

Now is the time to do something about it and make a difference in plastic pollution. It is not too late.


Here is where you get a part within our documentary! In order to bring this documentary to life the best we can, we need the help of a professional editor to make the entire film look perfect, a color grader who makes every scene look precious, as well as an original score that perfectly fits the film in every detail. Also, this topic needs some deep explanation to better understand the context of all three people in our film; for this we would like to create our own animations by an experienced animator.

If you want to stay updated on the progress of our film, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @underthesurfacedoc.

Join us and let’s make it happen, together! The Earth is all we have in common.

Quote that inspired the maker

The Earth is all we have in common.
Wendell Berry
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