Under Her Skin

Under Her Skin
A Documentary by Natalia López de Ayala & Molly Kiely
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LOCKLINEUnder Her Skin explores the experiences of four female dancers through a performance that showcases different perspectives during the pandemic


Do you think that something beautiful can be created from that which began with horror?

Anastasia Kostner is a choreographer and dancer based in Amsterdam that has created a dance performance during the confinement to exorcise the terrible experience that we were all going through regarding Covid-19. The show is called Under The Skin, and she premiered it this September along with three other fellow dancers.


In our documentary Under Her Skin we want to reflect on the creative process that took place during that journey: from confinement to premiere. But we are not going to tell you a story about Covid since we have already heard many of them in the last year and a half. What we want to tell is how four women, four dancers, using a japanese dance form called Butoh, have managed to give birth to a work that gives meaning to their lives during that dark period. Starting from the horrors they witnessed, to the beauty they attained.

With our film, we hope to answer many questions about their personal, social, professional and creative experience. And we want to do it in honor of them and all those who during this time have set an example of hope, courage and resilience.

Because Under Her Skin is not about Covid, it is about dancing with Covid.


We need YOU! We want to do this story a service by giving it the love and care that it needs. What does that mean? We are asking for donations, big or small, to help us reach our goal with this film. We want to fund our equipment, travel costs and to hire professionals in colour correction and musical composition to give this story the finishing touch it deserves.

Finally, we need your help to spread the idea that creativity is not a luxury but a fundamental substance for the human condition.

Quote that inspired the maker

Not only will the solos be intense, reflective and retrospective, they also want to look at a crisis as a beginning, a chance to experience unknown and creativity, to give a chance for enrichment.
Anastasia Kostner
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