U up?

U up?
A Short film by Viktoria Szemeredy
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About the project
LOCKLINETwo young men reach the utmost intimacy on a physical level, but will they be able to connect emotionally?


"An unexpected message from that guy you met some days ago. He wants to meet again. What could this mean? Does he like you? Or is it just another fling? You get your hopes up.

You’ve been in this situation; you know this story and this story knows you. A difference in expectations could make this a missed opportunity unless you stop and take a moment.

“U UP?” is a story about that moment that could make something go from physical to emotional."

Supporting this project is important to raise awareness and sensitivity to a topic that few people talk about: the emotional disconnection between two intimate partners.

As a Young Person, we are sure you have suffered from the emotional void that intimate relationships without sentimental meaning have left in you. 

As a Parent or Family member, it is important to educate future generations to consider the quality and depth of their relationships above the current constant seek of meaningless quantity, which catalyzed by social networks and reinforced by the modern environment.

We invite you to support this project in order to give a voice to those who have passed through this and to spread a strong message of encouragement to avoid intimacy without emotional impact.



Two young men meet for another casual sexual intercourse. The physical connection is undeniable, but a moment changes everything and a decision needs to be made for this to become a real encounter and put an end to a long history of emotional isolation.




Ben is alone at home when his online dating buddy sends him a short but ever-telling message. The two words contain everything Nico thinks about courtship and foreplay. His detached, purposeful behaviour keeps Ben from showing his real emotions.

Ben tries to balance between staying honest and avoiding an awkward situation, but he seems to fail in both. His fear of rejection blurs his judgment and makes the only real momentum vanish before their farewell.



With U up? I wanted to have a look at the paradoxes that online dating can provoke: keeping people separated while they sell connection, engineering algorithm-driven encounters that feel like a well-rehearsed dance when the beauty of meeting people lies in serendipity.

Applying that tension to the particular parameters of the homosexual community, and the expediency that the big city life can bring about, those two characters both still aim to connect, but in their very flawed ways end up missing the opportunity, and feeling as lonely as they were before. Or do they? 



My visual concept magnifies this fractured relationship. The camera stays with the characters in an intimate, close distance, but their faces are never seen together in one frame. The aspect of the storyteller mirrors the isolation between Ben and Nico from a neutral position, while Ben's point of view reveals his subjective perception of intrusion. 

The sound design is just as accentuated as the visual world. The soft and subtle noises are intermittent by the sharp ring of a phone or the rattle of a vial of drugs, all reflecting Ben’s subjective perception. 


Our lead character, Ben, is fresh in the game. He is a younger member of generation Y, where the old-fashioned contact between people is still in place. He tries to act naturally in this intense and vulnerable situation, but his comfort is only a facade. He is deeply disturbed by Nico’s brisk, matter-of-fact way of their intercourse.


With this campaign, we seek funding for production costs that we cannot secure from national grants.

In Hungary, 30% tax incentive is available for certain projects and we will apply for that with the goal to complete the financing. 


Quote that inspired the maker

"This minimalist and poignant script targets an epidemic social problem of the younger generations with apparent precision, introducing a relationship that is exciting and empty at the same time."
Elliot Grove, founder of the British Independent Film Awards and Raindance Film Festival
This project was successfully funded on 06-06-2020

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