Geck-o - "Tripper"
A Video clip by Wiebe van den Ende
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About the project
LOCKLINEAre you ready to trip with me ?

Geck-o's new track, Tripper, is an intense and immersive piece of music, pushing your senses to the max. It takes you through various stages like rush, bliss, wonder and awe; it quickly became obvious to capture these feelings into an immersive video.

About the music video

This music video is a journey through a trip. Representing not only the song but also Geck-o’s live-shows.

Geck-o gets sucked into his record-case just like Alice in Wonderland and enters a vast empty space. When he drinks a bottle saying "drink me", he turns into this little boy (unleashed his inner child) who is accompanied by a small Funky Kitten. The two kids go through all the stages of this trip, tipping their hats to the greatest movie scenes of our generations.

All in all a very playful music video that can turn into a game of who is spotting the most of the movie references.

We want to make a real music video, a short film, to offer a new dimension to Geck-o’s music and offer the audience something more than just aftermovies of parties to enjoy.
This music video for Tripper is a complete film production of 5 minutes gathering 3 actors and a complete film crew.
That would be a first for a hard dance track.

Who are we ?

Following his album release in 2015, Geck-o was approached by Julie Périon, Auke Verhoeff and Niels Rooijakkers, who, on top of regularly dancing at his parties, also turn out to be enthusiast filmmakers. Naturally, Wiebe van den Ende joined the project, and connected his insanely creative brain with Geck-o’s one.
Magic worked, and there we are, a very daring script that is only waiting for one thing: being produced.


Funds for Music Videos are rare and difficult to get for non-mainstream music. Geck-o and we, the filmmakers, want to have full control on the storyline and the production, and therefore cannot really count on any public funding.
This is why we need YOU, the fans, to support us in making this daring project a reality: we will bring to your screens a music video that you feel connected to, the same way you feel connected to the music Geck-o has been producing for many years already.


The whole crew will work for free, but there are still heavy costs that need to be covered in pre-production, during the 3 days of shooting, and in post-production in order to make a stunning music video:

  • Production Design (Decors, Props, Costumes)  [they play a major role in the video]
  • Cameras, Lights, Grips
  • Catering
  • Post-Production (Editing, Color Grading)


When you support us, you get a reward. But most of all: you are part of the evolution of subground music towards a whole new visual world.


God damn, you must be tripping !




Quote that inspired the maker

“If the expansion of consciousness does not play a major role in the human future, what kind of future is it going to be ?”
Terence McKenna