The Fellowship

The Fellowship
A Feature film by Sven Jansen
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LOCKLINEA mix of several types of popculture, put together in an absurd story full of references, dry humor and an overall tongue-in-cheek attitude


A long long time ago, in a village far far away (Winterswijk), a couple of friends with a passion for film and sound, got together to start a little filmproject. Just because they could. Currently this project among friends has grown into a project with more than 100 people involved! Students, freelancers, hobbyists, people from all over The Netherlands, whom got together and worked among each other on a voluntary basis because they have one thing in common: the will to realize their passion.

What started out as something small has grown into a chance for everyone within our production to prove themselves. To meet new people and to learn from each other. The unique ambiance, wicked creativity and the willingness to do whatever it takes for the film, has made this project into what it is: an almost finished film that deserves to be completed. 


What is the film about?

'The Fellowship' is what you get when you take a bunch of icons of popculture, pull them out of context and put them all together as caricatures in a film that parodies modern assumptions and ideas. Imagine a story about four characters that start a Dora the Explorer-esque journey, with a setting somewhere in between Lord of the Rings and Maleficent, and the attitude of Monty Python. Now you're getting close to The Fellowship. 

The film tries to combine several different kinds of humor like, dry humor, sitcom, slapstick, social criticism, awkwardness, absurdism and referentions, so it appeals to everyone. Apart from humor, the film also contains rather serious elements to stimulate the viewer tot think things over and to add some depth to the story. Above all, the message is that it can't hurt to not take yourself too seriously every once in a while. 



Nowadays, people are often too negative. Everyone has an opinion about everything and (ironically) everyone worries about the opinion of others. Amidst all the commotion, people forget to enjoy the little things. That's why The Netherlands (and of course the rest of the world) need 'The Fellowship', to be able to just sit down again and enjoy a dry and absurd film. 

If these young filmmakers get the chance to show what they can, this film will prove that whenever you do something together, you can achieve a lot. You don't make a film on your own, you make it together! 

We've already come a long way, but to finish this project we need your help. Help us bring this amazing project to an end, so we can all enjoy this unique comedy.

Give creative minds the space to prove themselves and to share their vision with the world!

Quote that inspired the maker

"Anything for the film!"
Sven Jansen
This project was successfully funded on 05-01-2017

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