Thank you so much!!!

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Woohoo ! We made it!

Thank you so much for your supporting A Mutual Understanding. Making this film wouldn't be possible without your help and we are more driven than ever to make a touching film that reflects the dark, absurd and beautiful sides of humanity.

The crowdfunding campaign is now officially over and to be honest we are totally relieved! The total amount we raised is 6.006 euros, which is 85% of our goal. Yay! 

Because we reached over 80% of our goal, but not the full 100%  those of you who donated will get the option to withdraw your donation or decide to let us keep the money! Please don't withdraw, we still really need the money. ;) 

What is going to happen next is that we are heading into pre-production. We are currently talking to local producers about fixing all the stuff we need in New York. So preparations are already on its way.

We're happy that you get to be a part of our film and we'll give you updates as we progress. We're going to shoot the film in February 2019. So hang on tight!

Thank you again for all your support! We are super grateful. Every donation big and small helped us get this far.   

Happy holidays everyone!

- Abby & Ibo

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