Teske - wat ik wil

Teske - what i want
A Video clip by Cheyenne Langejans
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LOCKLINEA music videoclip about where the mind can wander at midnight before falling asleep - if you fall asleep at all.

Hi there!

Welcome to our crowdfunding page.


This crowdfunding page is set up to create a music videoclip for Teske de Schepper. The music videoclip will be made for the song 'wat ik wil', translated 'what i want'. This is one of many songs on Teske her debut album 'Porselein". For me, Cheyenne, this music videoclip is going to be my gradution film at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

I met Teske during my internship at TopNotch. While shooting the music videoclips for her songs 'Wildernis' and 'In m'n hoofd', I was making the behind the scenes video. That's how I got to know Teske better. From the start I knew I wanted my gradution film to be in music videoclip format and so I reached out to Teske. The honesty that Teske has put in her songs really spoke to me and is also a very nice fundament to create a concept on.

'wat i want' is a song about not being able to fall asleep, being stuck in your own thoughts and not finding a way to get out of that. The song has different features that makes it extra 'dreamy', like the usage of different voice fragments in the beginning and ending of the song.



The power of a music videoclip

Music videoclips have something unique to them. It's a perfect balance between image and sound and one does not exclude the other. It's also the format of film that connects the music industry to the movie industry. I kind of look at music videoclips as the 'short films' of the internet. The internet and Youtube are accessible after one click. Music videoclips are as worthy of a storyline as short cinema films are. There is, currently, no other format within film that makes my eyes sparkle as much as music videoclips do. Creating a short film around a song has something magical to it.

I picked 'what i want' together with Teske because it's a song that tells a very reconizable story. When I first heard the song it really touched me and I could already see a visual story appearing in front of my eyes. With this music videoclip I like to translate the emotions and feelings of the song into visuals. I hope to do this in such a way that the music videoclip creates an extra layer, especially for people who perhaps already have a connection with the song.

The music videoclip with mainly consist out of a fictional storyline where we follow about 2 to 3 characters. Teske will also be in the video. The music videoclip with be shot cinematically and can be seen as a short film.



Where does the budget go towards?


A big part of the budget of this crowdfunding will be spend into rental of equipment. This means a good camera and nice lenses for more than one day of shooting. To be able to light up the night scenes well, we're going to need a good set of lights. In short, there are plenty of things to make a film the best it can be.

This is what we are planning and what we are up to. If you're in a position to help us out, we would appreciate that incredibly much. Sharing this page would also help a lot as well.

Thank you in advance! If you would like to follow us on our socials, you can do so at:



Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKKbwECfY6ojKu7UkA2tOiw

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Quote that inspired the maker

“Music is the ultimate teacher.”
Wassily Kandinsky