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LOCKLINEHidden behind a mask, we can free ourselves from the judgment of others, and dare to look at our true selves.


In the Van der Hoeven Kliniek, tbs patients (people with detention under hospital orders) work hard on their return to society. Despite their dark past, they each dream of a better future in their own way. The theatre project in which they participate in the tbs clinic helps them, although it also creates tensions. Do they play a role, or can they really change? Is it possible to leave your demons behind forever, or will they always travel with you?


Documentary filmmaker Ingrid Kamerling already made the documentary Restless Souls in the Van der Hoeven Kliniek (broadcast is on 6 October, 10:40 pm on NPO 2). Do you want to know how the main characters from Restless Souls are doing in their way back to society? We are currently working on the preparations of a follow-up documentary in which we follow the tbs-patients during their theater tour and beyond. On Monday the 28th of September the players performed their play for the first time prior to the premiere of Restless Souls at the Netherlands Film Festival. Soon the patients and their attendants will be travelling through the country to play in theatres and clinics.

Trailer Restless souls - scenes of the tbs

People like you and me

The patients will travel with their theatrical performance and the short documentary Restless Souls to various theaters and clinics in the Netherlands. Afterwards, the tbs-patients will talk to the audience about themes such as 'How to return safely to society'. This is part of their resocialization process. With the play and the tour the patients get the chance to show that they are more than the prejudice that so many have about them. That they are people like you and me - and some patients also have special creative talents. 

Follow-up documentary

Because of the relationship the makers built with the patients in recent times, the follow-up documentary TBS ON TOUR offers a rich and multicoloured insight into the brains of various tbs-patients. By following the patients on their 'way out' for a long period of time, the viewer gains more insight into why one patient successfully reintegrates and the other patient repeatedly goes wrong. Never before have you come this close as an outsider.

Unlike the short film, the follow-up documentary TBS ON TOUR is told from the perspective of tbs-patients and staff members of the clinic. In the film, their thoughts, reflections and struggles merge into one another. As in two worlds moving side by side; the patient alone with his thoughts, in his room, and the staff member in his own 'free' world at home. In the tbs-clinic it is said: "Nobody comes here for nothing. Neither do the staff members". What are the deeper motives of the supervisors and therapists? As the film progresses, the secrets unravel. 


Incidents during tbs patient leave have been in the news on a weekly basis in recent years. There is social indignation that these people are allowed to go outside and therefore have the opportunity to do something wrong again. Nevertheless, we as a society have chosen to treat people with a disorder who have committed a serious crime and then to guide them back into society. By following the theatre play we also want to confront the viewer with his own fascination for the dark in people. Can you empathize with the main characters? Do you recognise something? During the documentary TBS ON TOUR it becomes clear that the boundary between good and evil is perhaps much more blurred than we would like to believe. 

Dit project is (mede) mogelijk gemaakt door het AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst).

Quote that inspired the maker

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
Oscar Wilde