The Stranger

The Stranger
A Feature film by Leonardo Cariglino
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LOCKLINEThe mysterious and emotional story of Claire who finds 'X', stranded and exhausted on the beach.


THE STRANGER is the mysterious and emotional story of a woman (Claire) who finds a man (X) stranded and exhausted by a sandcastle at the beach. This stranger follows her uninvited to her house. The woman lets him in. Both do not yet grasp what it is that attracts them to each other. All they recognise in each other is the experience of loss. Mysteriously, they share the same dreams that lead to understanding and to a fusion of their embodied memories and sensations. A mutual healing process. Another couple (Isabel and Vincent) on vacation to try and save their relationship intrudes upon this healing process and things soon begin to change for all concerned.



THE STRANGER is the first feature film by writer/director Leonardo Cariglino. Leonardo is a gifted and idiosyncratic voice, being somewhat of a notable rising talent in the Dutch filmmaking scene. His emergence is seen as a distinct reflection of the widespread desire to shake up the industry with fresh perspectives and stories — Leonardo is as fresh as they come. Already an accomplished filmmaker, his short films are highly polished; displaying a strong visual eye in addition to a robust yet individualistic approach to narrative.

'This story is inspired by the refugee crisis in which I try to raise questions about how strangers are perceived in our society. Coming from a multi-cultural background inspired me to assemble this diverse cast in order to recreate a feeling of internationality but at the same time of rootlessness. By condensing the roles of society upon four characters and placing them into a no-man’s-land I hope to provide a possibility to erode preconceptions and in their place provide new fertile ground for human connections.'



French-British actress Amélie Onzon will wonderfully personify through her physicality and subtle acting the main character Claire: a fragile woman who is locked inside her past. 

Cornelia Julieta playing Isabel is the absolute counterpart: her exotic look, Caribbean temperament and spirited performance will be a refreshing contrast that shake up the dynamics in this story.

The stranger (X) and Vincent are still to be cast.

Beautifully simple locations such as the beach, sandy dunes and a cabin in the forest will provide a magic feeling to this modern fairy tale.

The film will hardly have any dialogue which is a challenge but also an important statement this story tries to make:

'Languages and their words here have no paramount significance. In my opinion words cannot transcend the connection between human beings. They rather complicate, corrupt and brand relationships. They are used to conceal rather than reveal. The damaged couple in this story (Isabel and Vincent) clearly illustrates that. Hope, love, fear or pain on the other hand are feelings that do not have borders. They are universal just like the dreams that the stranger and Claire share, creating a utopian platform to overcome barriers such as language or culture.'



THE STRANGER isn’t your typical love or friendship story. A unique modern fairy tale that explores the rawness in human connection. Shared desires and fears represent the gateway between complete strangers.

An independent film needs the support of its audience and that is where you come in. This is not a big budget production. We have raised a lot of support already. We want you to help us raise a crucial part of the total budget.

Your donation will get us a better camera, better lighting and other essential gear to improve how we can tell our story. We have assembled a superbly talented and impassioned cast & crew who are eager to craft this story. Combined with the impressively strong vision of writer/director Leonardo Cariglino we are poised to create a cinematic experience that will stay in viewers minds for an age.

And with some cool perks as rewards, you won’t be a stranger to us anymore: We will get to meet you at our premiere or at a special hosted dinner, for instance.

Do you want to be part of an exciting filmmaking adventure with an inspiring director behind a compelling story? Then join the team by making your donation now!




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Cinema should be human and be part of people's lives; it should focus on ordinary existences in sometimes extraordinary situations and places.
Claire Denis
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