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LOCKLINEA mystical, epic fairytale about the dawn of mankind featuring: bloodthirsty Vikings, magic, nature, battles and thrilling adventure!

Amazing! Withing 24 hours we've collected 10.000 euro! We are so gratheful!

We've secured our basics, but we're not there yet. We still need better equipment, technique and working conditions.With every donation we're getting closer to accomplishing our dream. Every contribution will eventually make a differenceon the big screen.  We're ready to go 200%! Are you in?


Stellar is a deep, meaningful tale filled with old mysticism, magic and universal themes. It's an epic short fantasy movie, the story is told by a voice over of one of the characters. Stellar is a fairytale about the origin of mankind and a fierce battle between the opposing forces of good and evil. A deep love story about the terrifying force of darkness and the subtle power of light. Be ready for Vikings, nature, mystical influences, ultra slow-motion, fire, water, magic and mind blowing costumes, masks & make-up. It’s going to be EPIC!

Stellar is our ultimate dream to showcase our full filmmaking potential to the world. We've worked hard on developing new visual techniques and tested several in our previous productions. We aim to distinguish ourselves by using a strong visual style. Cinematographic art with a deep layer, to touch and leave an inspiring seed among the viewers.

The movie will also be linked to an international album release from the band Stellar. They will write a special, epic hitsong which will be released as a single. Besides the movie we will also create a musicvideo with fragments of the Stellar movie. This project will include a Stellar movie and a Stellar musicvideo. By combining these elements we will have a strong marketing value and synergy to reach a wider audience.

This will be an enormous challenge. To bring all our dreams and visual techniques to realization we need a different kind of funding. We need help from people who believe in our talents and resonate with our visual style. Are you in?


We, the Heyl Brothers, have already successfully created films in many genres. However, we’ve always felt a desire to create a brutal, masculine Viking action movie. An epic tale with a deeper layer underneath. It's a thrilling fantasy tale with strong USP’s listed below.

1. Use of new post-production techniques HDR and EDI

2. The fantasy genre is not commonly used in the Dutch industry and from a global perspective the story and genre are universal.

3. On a personal level this movie is a new, exciting challenge and we’re confident on fulfilling this dream together with our talented, trustworthy Action Reaction Productions Crew.


Besides our eternal gratefulness we' ve developed several amazing rewards for every contributor to our project. It's a beautiful thing to able to accomplish our dreams by the generosity of others. We hope our rewards reflect our appreciation. We couldn't do this without you!

The several rewards and amounts are listed on the right side of this page. If you have any questions or special requests please don't hesitate to contact us!

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“The Fall” meets “Krull” with a duration of 30 minutes. A classic fairytale about the origin of mankind and a fierce battle between the opposing forces of good and evil. Duality displayed in an earthlike arena, shown in another dimension. The story’s full of ancient symbolism and wisdom, these topics always intrigued us and triggered our imagination as filmmakers. 

A story can be told in a million ways, but above all we value authenticity. Our authentic approach defines our work, it’s the Heyl Brothers signature. One of our standards included the use of new techniques in digital workflow, some of which we developed. Techniques that serve our storytelling by adding an extra dimension to the scene. The techniques used in this movie will be a display of 7 years of research, testing and developing. This will be the ultimate showcase of our talents and our bridge to a full feature film. We’re now surrounded by an amazing talented team, which we formed throughout the years. Now we aim to finally gather some budget, which will hopefully give us the opportunity to expand our horizon like never before. We are so eager to go BEYOND STELLAR!!



Quote that inspired the maker

"And the light emerged from the darkness.."
This project was successfully funded on 15-01-2014

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