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LOCKLINEGer, a lonely Limburgian customs officer protects his small country bureacratically untill he's confronted with a persistent stranger.

sovereign's WORLD

"in a world of brexit, referenda and independence declarations, Limburg is fed up! If the European Union falls apart, why stop there ?! Something that every Limburger has often thought becomes reality; Independent Limburg!"

This is the world of Sovereign, filmmaker Remy Kooi's next short film.


The Story of ger 

The story of Sovereign is that of Ger, a border guard of a small state in the Heuvelland. From his border office, Ger protects his country surrounded by walls and hills in an extremely bureaucratic manner.

Nobody gets past Ger because he knows the rules, protocols and laws by heart.. All this changes when a stranger shows up before him who refuses to give up. The persistence of the stranger forces Ger to change his ways.


Independent Limburg, but not independent of you! 

Sovereign is being made with support from the Province of Limburg and has been selected for the Cinesud Talent programme of 2018. Together with your support we will be able to make this film! Support us to tell a story about Independent Limburg

Remy Kooi c.s. have submitted a well-developed plan. Urgent and reflective of a kind of false reality in which stubborn autochthonous people sometimes seem to be stuck. -Jury Cinesud 2018


Quote that inspired the maker

The Project [Sovereign] addresses a very interesting and current subject and it can be characterized as current, original intriguing and idiosyncratic. The [Sovereign] project a current and very interesting subject and
Provincie Limburg
This project was successfully funded on 14-04-2018

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