Sing Song

Sing Song
A Feature film by Submarine Film
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LOCKLINEThe musical adventure of the 16-year-old Jasmine who goes to Suriname to attend a song contest, but secretly is looking for her mother.

Since 8 years, director Mischa Kamp, scenarist Fiona van Heemstra and producer Sabine Veenendaal carry Suriname in their hearts. What a talent, what a beautiful scenery, what a warmth, what an experience! After this first trip, one thing was clear: the film we intended was about a 16-year-old girl who went back to her roots, should be shot in Suriname. SING SONG had to be original and authentic, and that was only possible by shooting in Suriname.

The fact that the development of this film lasted for 8 years indicates how complicated the course has been, because shooting in a country where there are no movie studios, where no camera equipment is available, where no light packages are to be rent and even only a handful crew members is availble, is very ambitious. Yet we have done everything we can to get it done. And with the enormous talent, a splendid mix of different cultures, impetuous and already arrived talent, musicians and dancers, the movie in Paramaribo and the jungle of Suriname has been shot in around 6 weeks. An ambitious but very successful operation.

We are confident that, despite the fact that there is no film industry in Suriname, we have managed to make this film together with a majority of Surinamese crew members. Even though we have gone far, we still need your help! Do you want to be part of this swinging and exotic party? Would you please donate to help us with the last steps of the post-production of SING SONG! And besides that: your word of mouth is also very important in the publicity: Spread the word !!

Quote that inspired the maker

Suriname, mi lobi yu!