Silhouetten tegen het licht

Silhouettes against the Sky
An Experimental film by Eef de Graaf
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About the project
LOCKLINEA man arrives in an abstract landscape, slowly he moves to a more active environment. He sees everything around him including himself in Silhouette.


A man arrives in an abstract landscape full of straight lines, and moves slowly to a more dynamic environment. He sees things around him including himself in silhouette. Gradually he starts seeing his surroundings with more colour and depth and it becomes more dynamic. During his journey he moves from aesthetic landscapes with dykes and water to a more active environment in the small city of Zierikzee in Holland.

There we see a turning point in the dynamics of this film and he turns back to where he first started: the sea. The visual journey starts again but now we can see it in a new light. The film has a circular, fluid structure in which movement plays an important role: the movement of awareness in the main character and his proceeding to interact with other people. There is also movement in the landscape in the form of water, wind, light, and positioning of the camera.

Distribution of the film: 

This film will first be shown in the Sint-Lievensmonster Tower of Zierikzee where yearly 52,000 tourists are expected. It will be shown every summer in this tower, free of charge. Afterwards, the film will go to national and international festivals.


The landscape of Schouwen-Duiveland (island on the North Sea in Holland) plays an important role in this film.

The geometry of the Dutch landscape will be accentuated compositionally.

There are also art pieces in the landscape, and the locations where we will shoot are of influence in the sequence of the film.

My search is for aesthetic compositions in the rhythm of the landscape, much like the composing of a piece of music.

The viewer will hopefully enter this aesthetic experience of the rhythm of the landscape and be carried along in the experience of the main figure and his changing perception of his surroundings.


Quote that inspired the maker

Looking at the landscape and the sea, against the light, I see such beautiful dark shapes moving and transforming.
Eef de Graaf
This project was successfully funded on 23-06-2014

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