Shouted from the rooftops

Shouted from the rooftops
A Short film by Beri Shalmashi
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LOCKLINEAmid the ruins of a revolution, there is a young man on a roof waiting for his love to come back home.

SHOUTED FROM THE ROOFTOPS is a five-minute film in which you get to witness Ferhat’s broken life, ruined by the situation in his war-torn town. He is standing on the roof waiting for Sherin, the love of his life to return. Despite everyone telling him to leave, he doesn’t want to.

'10.000 FOR A SHORT FILM?'

Yes. And that's somewhere around 80.000 less than a regular short film like this would cost. None of us make money out of this. We have taken loads of time off in order to get this done, and the low budget is meant to pay for unavoidable expenses. Like equipment rental, transport expenses. Getting the film crew and the actors to the locations, get the right outfits, you know, putting together the ingredients.


Three years ago I wrote the first draft of ‘Shouted from the rooftops’, in Iraqi Kurdistan. The situation in Syria had already gone bad, but gained less momentum then today. I was teaching in Erbil at the university’s film department and showed this script to one of my students that is from the area where it takes place. He got tears in his eyes, he had not expected for anyone to understand the situation in his homeland.

The war in Syria is the setting for this film, but it tells about love, under unusual circumstances. ‘Shouted from the rooftops’ is the story of two people, who happen to live in a country full of ruins and war and politics. They get entangled into the conflict, struggling peace. Three years since the first draft, the fate of the characters seems to perpetual. The film is an attempt to share how it feels to love and lose in times of war.

By Nina Badoux, in Rojava, Syrian Kurdistan.



Of course we’ll be rewriting until we are on set, but to give a glimpse of the plot, ‘Shouted from the rooftops’ is like one long scene showing how the Arab Spring started, and got destructed again, how it muted into the chaos we read about these days. Ferhat would like to shout out his love for Sherin from the rooftops, had their love been under different circumstances.

The film is set in a context of something I have been romanticizing for too long: the girls and women fighting IS. We have put them in the spotlights, whereas they are all young women that would have liked to finish university, get married, go shopping, and all those things that are so normal to us.

I wrote the screenplay in one night, while Erbil, where I was living, was filling up with refugees. And it has only gotten worse, and closer.



I used to live in Iraqi Kurdistan for almost three years until recently, I know the area quite well. We could shoot the film there, and work closely with local filmmakers in order to find the right location. It has to be secure and of course we need the right people to work with us.

Currently we’re busy gathering the budget and rewriting the script.

This is what we want to do next:

- April (~ 4 weeks) preproduction. This means gathering everything and everyone. Cast, crew, location, props, everything.

- Early in May ( ~ 1 week) production. Filming. Probably in Iraqi Kurdistan, and if that turns out to be too hard, then maybe in Jordan, where a lot of foreign films are being shot.

- Mid May, end of May. ( ~ 2 weeks) post production. Back in the Netherlands. We will edit here, and work on sound design, creating the entire soundscape for the film and adding end credits, including your names.

- Early June. Now it’s time to send the film out and about.



Own archive, filming in Cairo.

If you contribute to ‘Shouted from the rooftops’, you’re helping me to get a film made that is backed by some fine organizations already. Together we will make this production to reach a large audience. The film is selected for De Ontmoeting, a new platform supporting short films. Thanks to EO, a Dutch broadcasting association 3LAB, of the NPO, the Dutch broadcasting network, is one of the financiers. Topkapi Films is on board as the producer.

This all sounds fancy, but it’s actually very super low budget, and part of the deal with De Ontmoeting is for the filmmakers to crowdfund their budget.

I think it’s urgent to tell this story now, for people to see how lives are being ruined in the Middle-East, to understand people are not just leaving for no reason.

Through I aim to gather sufficient budget to make it possible to film. No-one is getting paid to work on this project, but some costs are unavoidable. I think it suits the theme of the film to get this done together. Really, all bits and pieces help and show how a large group of people is supporting the story of this film. It would be awesome to get your support, in whatever way possible for you to contribute.



I’ll be forever thankful to everyone contributing. And there are special rewards for every budget. To find more about fiscal treats, please click here. It would also be helpful if you can share this page with your network, to let everyone know about this film.

Thank you.

X Beri


Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

‘Freedom is to sacrifice in the name of love.’
Andrei Tarkovsky
This project was successfully funded on 09-04-2016

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