The day Roland met Renee

The day Roland met Renee
A Documentary by Omar El Araby & Paolo Rosi
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LOCKLINETwo families are involved in a common struggle against drug addiction.


With as little as 50 Euros you will see your name in the end credits of the film, on the silver screen, when the film is released in cinemas, shown at festivals around the world, and broadcasted on TV. In the Amsterdam region, the film will also be broadcasted on



WHAT is this?

This is a movie about Renee Kelder and Roland Timmermans.

...who are Renee kelder and roland timmermans?

Renee Kelder has a troubled past. As a student in Utrecht, she becomes addicted to GHB and starts conducting a double life. After graduation she works in a treatment facility for drug users and for long she conceives her own addiction from family and co-workers. After six years, with the help of her mother, she quits using.

Today, Renee is a beautiful woman in her thirties, but her face is an open book to her turbulent past and she still suffers from headaches and concentration problems that lead to moments of fatigue and alienation.

Renee has also a promising new life. She lives in Amsterdam with her boyfriend and she is expecting a baby, a girl.

She is a writer and her second book, the story of a lifetime addict, has just been published. A second edition of her autobiography is in development.

Roland Timmermans grows up in Noord-Brabant. As an hyperactive child, he has trouble coping with the rules of society. Troubles that lead him, when just sixteen, to drug addiction. The next twenty years of his life are a vortex of self-destruction that culminate with his premature death.

Halfway between an outlaw and a martyr, Roland incarnates the need of freedom against the strains of society. He is conflicted between a fascination for dangerous behaviours and the awareness of what the dangers of living perilously are.

He is a troubled misfit but also, and this is how most people remember him, a warm-hearted “big guy”.


so what?

So the film is about a former drug addict and a drug victim.


is that it?


The movie is also a compelling portrait, painted by Roland and Renee's closest relatives and friends, of people involved in a common struggle against drug addiction.


how...and why?

Here is how it went down:

Paolo first came by the story of Roland while he was still alive. After the sudden death of Roland, Paolo, charmed by the anecdotes on this warm hearted misfit, contacted Omar with the idea of making a film. Sometime later, Omar, on his way to Paris (on a BlaBla car!), came by the story of Renee.

At that point:

We were so fascinated by the contrast between the common path and the differrent fate of Roland and Renee that we decided to put them both in the film.

Of course we had to find a way:

So we chose to talk also about their families. How does a mother, a father, a sister or a friend deals with the addiction, even the loss, of a loved one?


where is my money going?

Currently we have collected tons of really cool footage and we have exclusive access to even cooler archive materials of both Renee and Roland.

We are so close to a final cut of the movie. But still we need your help!

We need money to finish and promote the film, that means editing, composing the music, mixing the sound, coloring and other stuff that is necessary to deliver a beautiful film. Plus, we will also use some of that money to send out the film to several festivals and to promote it locally and internationally.

Once ready, the film will premiere in a Dutch festival and it will be showcased worldwide.






Quote that inspired the maker

«All those times that I passed out but I survived…it was luck, pure luck…it could have been me»
Renee Kelder
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