Remnants of the Order

Remnants of the Order
A Short film by Kees van Hattum
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LOCKLINEA Star Wars fan film about life under occupation, and finding the truth

Stretch Goal!

We've made it to 100%! That is great news! But of course we could do even more cool stuff with a higher budget, so we've set a Stretch Goal! We are now aiming to reach €5000 by monday 12:00. And if we make this, all supporters from Stormtrooper level and up will recieve an additional reward: The premiere poster (which has not been revealed yet!). 

So please keep sharing, keep donating! 


Attention; the Han Solo packaggey! 

In a galaxy far far away, two friends wanted to make a Star Wars fan film. Following Yoda's advice we did not try, but went for it! Making a fan film is something you do because you're extremely passionate about -in this case- Star Wars. We love the lightsabers, the stormtroopers, the action, the dark and light side; we love the world that is Star Wars. And while waiting to go to the latest Star Wars movie, Kees had an epiphany: "Why don't we just make our own Star Wars fan film?"



Remnants of the Order - A Star Wars Fan Film, tells the story of Pai, a young girl who lives together with her uncle under the reign of the Empire. Her life consists of the daily struggle of scavenging and talking with her friend (and stormtrooper) HV about becoming a TIE-fighter pilot. Then her life changes drastically when she finds a relic from the past.

Why support?

You might have noticed that we already started filming. And so you might wonder why we need your support. For one simple but awesome reason: We never thought that this project would become this big. When we first started with this project we wanted to film with our own equipment somewhere in a city park. However, Star Wars makes people extremely enthusiatic and helpfull, and in no-time a group of enthousiastic people helped us to rethink this project in terms of our ambitions. All of the (very professional) equipment is sponsored, but there are a few things that always cost money. We need a budget for the following:

The set: most of the film is set outside in a beautifull forest, but a few keyscenes take place in two interior sets: The home of our main characaters & the hallway of an Imperial ship. We'll need to build these sets!


Travelcosts: our cast and crew live throughout the country and sometimes need to travel through great lengths to help us.

Food and drinks: it's the fuel that keeps the passion going!


We don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to be part of this amazing project. Who doesn't want to contribute to the dream! And of course you'll get some amazing rewards for supporting us!


Our sponsors

Remnants of the Order is already sponsored by some incredible groups and companies, helping us to make this dream reality.

There is no Star Wars movie without Stormtroopers, and so we are entirely gratefull for the collaboration of the 501st Dutch Garrison. This is the Dutch segment of the 501st Legion, a worldwide Star Wars Cosplay organisation for the ‘bad guys’. The Dutch Garrison is also a charity organisation: When they visit, (sick) kids have the best day of their lives. They do all this voluntarily. Oh, and they can act too, even in costume!

The character Mocha -one of the rebels- is designed and created by Robs Prop Shop,  a big name in the Dutch Filmworld sincse 1986. They are known for their special effects make up, creature effects, animatronics and props. The mask they created for Mocha is already a fan-favourite!

Force Academy is the first lightsaber school in the Netherlands. Jan Blokland, the creater of Force Academy, taught our cast the art of lightsaber fighting. He also came up with the choreography for the action in this movie. At the moment Force Academy won't take new students, but our backers can get an exclusive lesson!

Camelot, Locdep, Prima de Lux and Noizeboyz are the big names behind the production of this film. They already helped us immensely by sponsoring us their amazing equipment, so we could film in the most professional way.


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Do or do not, there is no try.
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