Regained Memory

Regained Memory
A Short film by Stijn Bouma
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LOCKLINEA man wanders through Sarajevo searching for a memory of his deceased wife. Stijn Bouma's thesis project for Béla Tarr's Film.Factory


After 2.5 years of studying at Béla Tarr's film.factory in Sarajevo, Stijn Bouma is about to shoot his thesis project. At this unique film school he has been shaped by lessons from prominent film directors like Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Carlos Reygadas, and Cristian Mungiu. With his thesis film Regained Memory, Stijn will complete his studies there.

Regained Memory

When someone close to Stijn passed away, Stijn began to see his relationship with this person in another light. What did he remember about this person? Why were some memories stronger than others? And what about the role coincidence plays in creating our memories, like in the first part of In Search of Lost Memory by Marcel Proust? How is it possible that people, time and time again, seem to pay too little attention to the present?

This led him to create a story in which Bosnian Amir, a young man, begins a search for a memory of his deceased wife. It bothers Amir that he can barely remember her. Has he truly paid so little attention to her? Meanwhile, Bosnian history surfaces in several ways, in the scars left by grenade impacts in the streets of Sarajevo, and in a revelation about a childhood spent living in a cellar, sheltered from the war.

Stijn has encountered such stories from young people, and these have made a deep impression on him. In Regained Memory, Stijn will absorb everything that he has experienced in these last few years.


Stijn has finished the screenplay and will return to Sarajevo to begin the pre-production phase there, in which he will determine the cast and the shooting locations. Castings will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina in February. Shooting is planned for early April. Meanwhile, producers Ibrahim Karatay and Paul Oscar Kanter will coordinate production from the Netherlands, and finalize funding and crew. Several of the most important members of the crew shall travel to Sarajevo from the Netherlands. where they will join Stijn's fellow film.factory students and local Bosnians to complete the crew.

The film crew will work on the film for nothing. The budget for Regained Memory shall be used to pay for actors, locations, equipment, catering and other expenses. Thanks to the favorable exchange rate, it will be possible to achieve more with the budget than would be possible in The Netherlands. With Regained Memory, Stijn wants to take the next step in his career as a film director. This can only succeed with your help. If you are fond of Stijn or of auteur cinema, please support this film. In exchange, you will not only get a private link to the film once it is finished, but also fun rewards. We are very grateful for any contribution.

ABOUT THE film.factory

The film.factory is a film school founded by renowned Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr. (An exhibition and screenings of his work are currently taking place in the Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam.)

According to Tarr, the goal of the film.factory is nothing less than 'to educate mature filmmakers who think responsibly, with the spirit of humanism, artists who have an individual outlook, an individual form of expression and who use their creative powers in the defense of human dignity, within the reality that surrounds us.'

In the unique curriculum, students were taught by some of the most prominent international film directors. Besides Tarr, Stijn has taken classes with among others Cristian Mungiu (Golden Palm Cannes 2007), Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Golden Palm Cannes 2010), Lav Diaz (Golden Lion Venice 2016) Tsai Ming-Liang (Golden Lion Venice 1994), who each shared their vision on filmmaking.

The students aren't classically taught their trade, but are challenged to seek their own truths. The film.factory doesn't teach from the assumption that there are rules that need to be taught, but from the idea that filmmakers must create their own rules, and their own universe with their work. Only then can they make a valuable contribution to cinema.

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Where concern is lost, memory fares likewise
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