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LOCKLINEWill Alex succeed to get a grip on his tumultuous relationship with Emma with the help of a music therapist?

S y n o p s i s  / /  Q u i e t  N i g h t s  A g a i n

Quiet Nights Again tells the story of Alex and his girlfriend Emma. They have been living together for a while now, but it hasn't always been as rosy as it seems. Soup hits the fan when Emma comes home one night drunk and they start arguing. This argument slowely develops itself into a full blown fight where Emma and Alex lose themselves, not overseeing the consequences.... 

This moment has a major impact on Alex's life who decides to get help with a musictherapist. He hopes that he can regain the grip on the situation and his relationship with Emma.

Why this movie?

In this experimentational movie we will seek out the boundaries between the disciplines: film (Olivier Terpstra), music (Lilian Hak) en dance (Matthijs Janssen).

Lilian and Olivier worked on the live theater Cafe du Monde in the spring of 2016. A show in which cinematic visuals were combined with live music. After this project the need to start a new project together was soon there, the short film Quiet Nights Again will be the result of that. Choreographer Matthijs was added to the project. He will provide the film with a choreography in which the characteristics of the characters are shown.

We have spoken with several (former) musictherapie students to be able to give the therapiesessions a believable feeling. Besides the basics of this form of therapy,  we found out that Music is neglected within the therapies offered in the Netherlands. Additionally we intend to shine a light on the characteristics and special qualities of this very specific form of therapy in this movie. Reference work on this form of therapy can be found in the "Handbook of Music", written by Henk Smeijsters.

Where are we now ?  / /  P r o d u c t i on

During the writing of the last versions of the script, Lilian Hak is allready composing the music. We allready have accomplished to create an tense mix of electronic music with classicle instruments! We have planned to record this film in the last week of March and the first week of April and currently we are finalising the crew and last members of our cast. Next to that we have been scouting for the ideal filming locations.

Keep in touch with this project via the facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/quietnightsagain/

All of our cast and crew works for free to realise this project. The money we receive via crowdfunding will be used to fund our equipment, catering, setdressing and locations.


Quote that inspired the maker

Sometimes you stumble across a few chords that put you in a reflective place
David Bowie
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