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LOCKLINEAfter finding out that she is a clone, a woman’s life spirals out of control as she competes with her original self for the life she thought was hers.

Proxy is a short film about love and clones. However, much more than a science fiction piece, it is a psychological drama. It poses ethical questions: how far would you go to save your loved one, and is it okay to be selfish in a relationship? It also plays with the theme of human cloning: what would it be like to engage with a copy of yourself?

"You know what I find the scariest? If she hadn’t shown up, you would have never told me.” — The Copy


The story

Proxy is about Selene and Max, a couple living in an upper class suburb in Edinburgh. Selene, due to illness, is thrown into a deep coma that she is not expected to surface from.

Medical teams offer Max an experimental treatment; a process in which Selene’s body will be cloned and populated with her original memories and personality. Max opts in for the treatment, and is happy to be reunited with his partner, who is a copy of the old.

Their lives resume as normal, until, without warning, the original Selene shows up on their doorstep. Both Selene’s must now come to terms that they are indeed not unique; now aware that they can easily be replaced – leading them to feel betrayed by Max.

Tension rises as the three attempt to make sense of the situation they find themselves in, ultimately resulting in drastic actions being taken.

I didn’t believe it first. Until I heard my voice come out of your mouth." —  The ORIGINAL



We are employing various techniques to create the clone. Among them are the use of a body double, which is an actress who looks very similar to our lead actress. Another technique is split screen, where the actress first plays the Original on one side of the screen, and then plays the Copy on the other side. The screen is then literally split in half to create the illusion of her acting against herself. The third technique we are employing is green screen technology, where the actress plays against a coloured background which is then replaced with footage of the other character on location. The film will be shot on the Red Scarlet with Arri Ultra Prime lenses.

The location

We are shooting this film in Dalkeith, a town near Edinburgh. The spacious and modern house that we found fits perfectly with the lifestyle of our characters.

The filmmaker

Sam Van Zoest, director of Proxy, is a Dutch filmmaker studying in Scotland. Sam has made various short films including several thrillers which are similar to the tone and style of this film. Head over to the cast & crew tab for more info!



Quote that inspired the maker

Jealousy is the fear of comparison.
Max Frisch
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