Heddy went to New York!

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Dear crowdfunders en followers,

It has been a while after the last update in December, but we are back to give you an update on 100UP! Heddy has been very busy the last 3 months on 100UP. In the Netherlands she filmed the 100-year-old awarded old KNIL-soldier Albert Siebelaar and in the month of February Heddy went to New York (-10ºC) to film the 100-year-old sex therapist Shirley Zussman. She immediately took the chance to interview comedian Irwin Corey.

At this moment we’re still in the starting phase of the documentary project 100UP. It will take a while before the film will be in the cinemas. However, when the film is finished we will immediately send all the rewards! From left to right: Heddy Honigmann, Shirley Zussman, Rayna (granddaughter of Shirley):

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Wow, surprised to know that KNIL-soldier Albert Siebelaar has turned 100. Heddy has making a movie on her that is entitled as 100up. Hope to see the whole carrier of the lady and she shared her history you can check paperfellows its a full entertainment package.

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Well, Whenver I am take leave and go on vecations. Mostly I refer to go New York. Through this post I remembered number of things. I  even worked there in a company which used to offer residential Investment service. After 3 montths I left and shifted to London.