Project S

Project S
A Documentary by Davied Eliasar / Dirk Besteman
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LOCKLINEThe more money we raise for 'Project S', the better and completer this first documentary about the Citroën SM will become.


‘Project S’ will be the first documentary ever made about the Citroën SM. This documentary is our childhood dream since we both have a passion for this car for a very long time. The Citroën SM was produced between 1970 and 1975. A total of 13.000 cars have been produces. The SM is a beautiful and innovative car, which until today still fascinates and inspires people.

Johan Cruijff drove one of the first SM’s and made this car famous in the Netherlands. Other famous and notorious people who drove an SM were Idi Amin, Leonid Breznjev, Georges Pompidou and Jay Leno. Strangely enough, no documentary has ever been made about the Citroën SM unlike his older brother the DS. We are going to be the first ones to realize this documentary, 50 minutes long and in cinema quality.

Together with architect Dolf Dobbelaar, designer Wim Crouwel, philosopher Frank Meester and other Citroën SM lovers we are going to examine the Citroen SM. Robert Opron, the designer of the SM, and garage owner Cyril Sars, who knows everything about the technique of the SM, will also play an important role. Thomas Kist, known for his movies with Theo van Gogh and the remakes he shot in America with directors like Steve Buscemi and Stanley Tucci, is director of photography for this documentary.

We have decided to make ‘Project S’ independently, so without the help of the usual Dutch cultural funds. This is not an easy way, but it’s adventurous and that’s what we like.

We want to make this documentary possible through crowdfunding. So please donate now and so we can make our childhood dream come true.




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She landed from space.
Dirk Besteman
This project was successfully funded on 20-11-2013

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