Pretty Strong (for a woman)

Pretty Strong (for a woman)
A Documentary by Galiëne van Houten en Sajeda Moradi
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LOCKLINEPowerlifting gave Michelle the strength to get up out of her wheelchair. The next steps are to break records and the female stereotype.

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The documentary 'Pretty Strong (for a woman)' tells the inspiring story of Michelle de Jong, a young female powerlifter. Through powerlifting, Michelle regained strength and confidence and no longer needs a wheelchair to get around. Even though powerlifting is a sport that's all about strength and performance, Michelle still gets comments about her appereance:


"Don't get too muscular!"

"Your legs could last me a whole week!" 


Not only Michelle, but lots of female athletes have experienced such moments. Despite their admirable efforts, these comments put aside all their work in one moment. 

We want to tell the inspiring story of Michelle. The story about her perseverance and her search for self confidence. But also to shed a light on the frustration and unfairness that she and many other female athletes experience. How does she handle it? How does she stay strong and full of confidence?


When you look on the internet you immediately see pretty pictures of slender and toned women. Fitgirls are a trend. But it's clear that there is a lot of focus on physical appereance:

"Try this video for slim and toned arms! NOT BULKY"

"Try this video for a rounder butt!"

A lot of women refrain from certain sports because they don't want to get 'too muscular'. Isn't it a pity not to try certain sports out of this fear? Or is it normal for a woman to feel this way? Isn't it time for change? 


We are young documentarymakers with a limited budget. With the money you sponsor, we are able to pay for our filming equipment and able to work together with different editors, collour correctors and audio editors. Everything we need to properly tell the empowering story of Michelle. 


Find the last updates of our documentary on Instagram and Facebook. If you have any questiones, suggestions and/or ideas, feel free to contact us via



At the age of 17 Michelle got the disease FND causing her to live her life in a wheelchair. Patients with FND can have a various amount of symptoms like, paralysis, decreased sensation in their skin, shocking movements, epilepsy-like seizures, hearing loss or impaired vision and most patients have some degree of pain.

One in three FND patients makes a full recovery from all complaints. An important part of the complaints disappear in another third. A quick diagnosis and the use of the correct treatment are of great importance for this.

The FND Foundation is committed to better care for patients with a Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). FND is a nervous system disorder in which the brain does not properly interpret and respond to signals from the body.

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Quote that inspired the maker

"When I was bench pressing in the gym, they began joking around if I even was a girl."
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