Paper Island

Paper Island
A Short film by Laura Torenbeek
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About the project
LOCKLINE"Paper Island" is a film about the challenges people face when they are going to live together, but above all it's a story about art and love.

Welkom to Paper Island!                                                        

Paper Island is a romantic comedy that takes the viewer into a colourful world in which art connects the two main characters.

In short:

Dutch Vera (28) and Irish Loïs (29) met each other in Amsterdam while Loïs was travelling in the Netherlands. Their relationship grew through long-distance communication. Six months later, Loïs returns to the Netherlands to live with Vera permanently. All seems well in the beginning, but things become harder than either had expected. Itʼs not only difficult to maintain a relationship over long distances; acclimating to living with someone takes time as well. Paper Island is a film about the challenges that come with living with another person, but even more importantly it is a story about love. 

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About the director

Many long distance relationships may seem impossible to the outside world but do actually work.  When I was sixteen I got involved in a long distance relationship with someone who lived on the other side of the world. We communicated through letters, photos, and films. Naturally, the nature of our communication changed when we saw each other in real life. But this is not only the case when you're in a long distance relationship. Almost every relationship has a moment in which you have to go back to the core, so you can get ready for the future. That change is what I want to capture in this film. 



Loïs her creative outbursts on canvas are designed by Haike Bes.Thanks Haike for your support!

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Director's vision

One of the most important themes is communication. Loïs and Vera are both artists, but very different. Loïs is a chaotic painter and Vera is a structured origami artist. Their long distance relationship wasn't only build on talking on skype, but was mostly expressed through their creativity. Sending letters, pictures and art is something they did daily. Because of the different kinds of communication the film gets colourful and is dressed beautifully visually. The film isn't chronological and reminds us of 500 Days of Summer by Marc Webb.

Quote that inspired the maker

"It's still you and me on Paper Island."
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