But 5 more days to go!

So just to be clear: Even though we made it past a 100%, any additional funding would still be put to good use and would be greatly appreciated. So if you haven't send our project around to people that you believe might be interested, please do!

The list of things we still need to devote time and money to:

 - Film additional material - Edit the whole thing! - Hire a great talent for post production, animation, and overall art direction - Put up a website

And those are just the short-term needs, which we will use to secure additional funding from third parties, trying to get our whole production to a higher plan. This project has been build up from the ground with a couple of phone calls, your help and an iron spirit. We're taking this doc as high and as far as we can go! So if you feel the urge to send it around: Please do!


Don't e-mail the supporters: