Thank you so much!

First of all, we would like to thank everyone so much for all the support through these last weeks. We are truly humbled by all of you, no matter if you put it just some savings, wanting to help out, or a huge sum, because you believe in our project! Others have donated time and effort, and it's been really fantastic!

But we're not there yet! I wanted to give you an update on what we've been doing. This new video gives an impression, but let me clarify a few things.

Since KLM sponsored two tickets, we decided to start early, while the sun was still out this September. You funding paid for car rental, train tickets, a dedicated DoP, equipment rental, gas, food and a roof over our heads. (We all slept in one room). But we need so much more.

We've been following a couple of story lines. Heleen and myself, Thijs, went on a road trip through what used to be New Netherland. We explored multiple houses that are as old as some of the canal houses in Amsterdam. And we got to touch and read the exciting documents that actually tell us the history of New Netherland first-hand: the former archive of New Netherland.

But we also faced the limits of what a small team can do in one month. For some stories, we just scratched the surface. Other stories (like the suffering the Dutch have caused here too) have yet to be explored.

It most certainly looks like spring will take us back for another trip. But that's the future. First, please do enjoy the sneak peak in the following video. Thanks again!

Thijs (and Heleen)

(Video will be online around 27 sept @ 11.00h Central European Time

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