Steady as we go!

Hi there!

Well, there was a little trouble in paradise. This post was supposed to feature some examples of aerial 'drone' footage. Sadly, a little mistake by myself actually caused the thing to come crashing out of the sky. So I'm working on getting it fixed.

I'm working at full speed to get everything done before I fly out to New York next week. Your support is already helping me to make this film. We will be able to spend more time upstate, to find more Dutch barns. The interviews will look better because of better lights and audio equipment we can rent.

Most appointments have been set right now. We'll visit Albany (old 'Fort Nassau') extensively, and are diving into all that the Hudson valley has to offer. I hope to shed some more light on our plan next week, when me and Heleen will explain in short what we're going to do exactly.

Thanks again so much for your help, it is appreciated hysterically!


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