9307 and 2.5 days to go!

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Come on mates, we can make it!

Hey getting ever so close now and even as I write this we get a new contribution, and so we are both excited (and sweating) with everything coming down to the wire.

It says 3 days on the website, but it's actually 2.5 days, and we've just confirmed it goes into 48 hour meltdown to the end, and so we believe that with everyone's help, we'll make our 10,000 target and get all your generous contributions, and most importantly, be able to get to the next stage with this fantastic project!

We also want to thank you for spreading the word and encouraging others to contribute to our campaign, it has meant so much to us! We also had a great evening with some of our Dutch supporters last Friday night, and I'm sure we'll have an excellent time at our "Thankyou to our Aussie supporters" night that we'll hold when we return to Sydney mid-April!

Not long to go now, so our Facebook page again: http://www.facebook.com/lastpublican

And of course help us and get your friends to help us do the FINAL TIP IT OVER THE TARGET at: http://www.cinecrowd.nl/last-publican

xJames and Natalie

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