8087 and 5 DAYS TO GO!

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Mates the clock is ticking and we are almost there! Thanks to the last wave of new supporters who have helped us get to the 80% mark - we are in awe!

So - tonight we have our thankyou drinks night in Amsterdam for our Dutch supporters, it will be awesome, and we'll take some photos to share with everyone. And don't worry Aussies, there will be a BIG party when we return to our homeland in Sydney, and we will definitely be letting you know so we can thank YOU in person too!

All we need now is either lots of little contributions or a few big ones - so urge your mates to throw in a little or a lot so we can get this thing over the line and celebrate!

We'll finish off with a pic of James and his new mate, Stephen, who is the publican of Molly Malone's, a fantastic Irish pub in Amsterdam - you should visit! - he's been helping us heaps over here!Thanks and see you very soon!James and Nat

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